Taking advantage of the golden guard's absence, Cologne punched his opponent in the face. The opponent instinctively turned his head, Cologne hit empty, the heart can not help but be very angry, but now he has only five layers of power, speed is greatly reduced, otherwise this punch can kill him. But he could not avoid Cologne's fist, but he could not avoid the claws of the giant spirit beast, which cut several blood stains on his opponent's chest. Cologne was unforgiving, a little tiptoe, a knee slammed into the opponent's Dantian, and the golden guard had a nearly perfect formation. As soon as the guy who fought with Cologne retreated, there were others to help him immediately. But what made the guy's pupils shrink was that Cologne turned a blind eye to the sword that cut him next to him and rushed to him desperately. It was clear that he was killing enough. Pull two earn the desperate play. As soon as the spirit beast of Cologne came out, the other brothers who had cultivated the way of the spirit vessel did not care to expose their strength. They conjured up the spirit beast one after another. The spirit beast and the master were of the same mind. For a time, the spirit beasts in the battle group roared, and the battle situation gradually turned to parity. And this hand? Fang Tianzheng and Qiao Lang in the sky saw their eyes bright. Colon, you idiot! You are no match for them. Why don't you retreat to the nine-turn fog array! I have my own way. Cologne is killing up, Leng Buding received Chen Fei's voice. As soon as his men were slow, he was finally given a chance to breathe by the losing opponent, and his body was scarred. Scolded by Chen Fei, Cologne felt wronged. He was not in a hurry to protect his boss. How could he lead the enemy to the nine-turn fog array. Nine turns in the misty array. Chen Fei put his hands on a black ball with a diameter of nearly three meters. The golden elixir had already reached the black ball. Soli also put his pale hands against Chen Fei's back door. With the strength of the two men, he refined Dete. The sound just now made both of them vomit blood,impact beam tubes, and almost all their previous efforts were wasted. But the heart is anxious like ants on a hot pan, Cologne they can have today's achievements, oneself, Soli, Xingyu can be said to have paid the strength of the milk, and they are growing rapidly every day, so finished, the heart of suicide. After several weeks of hard work,aluminium coated steel tube, Chen Fei and Soli have melted the white inner alchemy down to the size of a fist. At the beginning, the purple fierce fighting armor was wrapped in the body of Dete. Chen Fei broke the golden elixir into Dete's body, and bit by bit decomposed Dete into energy, and then made up for the laborious purple fierce fighting armor. Later, the golden elixir melted the energy converted by Dete, and all of it was absorbed by the purple strong fighting armor, just like quenching the purple strong fighting armor. Therefore, on the surface, it is a black giant ball with a diameter of about three meters, but in fact, the black giant ball is transformed from purple fierce fighting armor. Dete has been melted by the golden elixir, leaving only an inner elixir. The last bit of Dete's spirit all retreated into the inner elixir. If you want to destroy it completely, you only need to force the golden elixir into the inner elixir. Chen Fei is confident that the remaining spirit of Dete will be destroyed. But all the efforts to do so are in vain, you know, Detre represents hundreds of thousands or even millions of powerful alien races, as long as it is accepted as a younger brother, stainless steel 304 pipes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, those alien races are their own, once it dies, it will take decades or even hundreds of years to subdue those alien races. Feeling the vibration of the nine-turn misty array, must be Cologne and others into the nine-turn misty array, Chen Feixin sighed, as long as you give yourself another month, you can refine the inner alchemy of Dete, then you can comfortably study the spirit of Dete, not only for their own exploration on the spiritual path has unimaginable benefits, but also Dete must be their younger brother. If you give up at this time, you will be eaten back by the spirit of De Te Ai. Whether you can escape with the primordial spirit or not is still unknown, but Soli, who helps you to exercise, is sure to be finished. The energy fluctuation in the nine-turn fog array became more and more intense, and Chen Fei could not help but make a choice and ruthlessly break the golden elixir into the inner elixir. With the sound of the explosion, the spiritual consciousness of Detre was destroyed, while the inner alchemy exploded into countless irregular particles, which attached to the inner wall of the Purple Fighting Armor. Although psychologically prepared, Chen Fei and Soli were still thrown up by the shock, and the primordial spirit was even more painful. The whole head was like an invisible helmet, and the headache was splitting, while Soli was bleeding from seven holes, more serious than Chen Fei. "Mother, my martial arts, my millions of troops, all finished." Suo, how are you? Are you all right? Chen Fei held his head in both hands and wanted to cry without tears. Something.. "Uh.." Solly uttered two words, snorted, and passed out quite simply. Chen Fei was dumbfounded and rolled and crawled to Soli's side. Fortunately, Soli just passed out and rushed to inject breath into Soli's body. A few weeks ago, he had 20% of his breath, but now he had less than 10%. Soli was as crisp as he had just been in a coma, and there was no breath in his body. Chen Fei into the breath, Soli soon woke up from the coma, but did not say a word, eyes do not blink to stare at the front, Chen Fei along the eyes of Soli, can not help but be dumbfounded, without the control of their own minds, black giant ball-like purple armor, actually in self-condensation. Chen Fei tried to summon with his mind, but Zilie Doujia was not moved. But at this time also did not care a lot, dodged and disappeared in layers of fog, Cologne side needs more of their own. Soli can only stay in place with the ever-shrinking and changing purple armor. Chapter two hundred and one wounded soldiers full camp After entering the nine-turn fog array, Cologne lost contact with other brothers. In the nine-turn fog array, not to mention the microcomputer communication, even the superhuman sense of the martial arts master is not enough. What about the other brothers? Chen Fei stepped on his feet and appeared behind Cologne like a ghost. Seeing Cologne's appearance at the moment, he was full of murder. Cologne's right leg was now knee-high, just like a bloody man who was stained with blood all over his body. We can see the tragic situation of the war. Boss,side impact beams, sixty-eight brothers.. Twenty-seven were killed, and the other forty-one brothers were not forced into the battle. Cologne's eyes were red, and he and others had never been so badly defeated.
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