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But to Li Yalin's surprise, there were even people who arrived at the bar earlier than them. It was an exclusive bar specially reserved for the contestants. All the people sitting here were the contestants of the KF contest. Obviously, it was Clark and Ralph who were drinking and boxing over there! "I say you two really have enough leisure," Li Yalin looked at the two uncles with black lines, saying that you are on a mission this time, OK? Is Hadilan really so indulgent to you? "Oh, this is our King of Fighters. Come on, we must have a good drink!" Ralph looked at Li Yalin with drunken eyes, laughed, and then asked the bartender for a glass of draft beer and threw it in front of Li Yalin. "How much did you drink?" Li Yalin gave a wry smile. Look at this, you should really drink a lot. Chapter 365 Lucar's perverted hobby. "Not much, not much. I haven't enjoyed myself yet." Ralph waved his hand as if he didn't care about anything. "Enjoy yourself?"? How are you going to enjoy yourself? Li Yalin squinted his eyes and smacked his lips. Then he leaned over and whispered in Ralph's ear, "If you overact, you will almost have a son." After hearing Li Yalin's words, Ralph's face suddenly stiffened, but he soon recovered as usual. Although he was still calling everyone to drink, he was not as exaggerated as just now. Seeing this scene, Li Yalin's mouth appeared a strange smile, we know that Clark and Ralph, a pair of good friends,stainless steel needle valve, appeared here for a reason, Hadilun released them, probably to divert attention, by the way, can also paralyze the opponent, is really a good idea to kill two birds with one stone. Now that it can be seen, that Li Yalin is naturally to help cooperate, this night is really a lot of drinking,38 tube fitting, as a fighter, the ability to resist alcohol has naturally improved, I do not know how many steps, until the cheese is drunk, everyone is dispersed to go back to their rooms to rest. "Why did you come back? How much wine did you drink?" To Li Yalin's surprise, after returning to the room, Xiaoxue and Banisha were sitting on the Chu & aacuteng in their room, saying that it was so late for you, what were you doing here? Seeing Li Yalin's return, Lesser Snow sat up, but seeing Li Yalin's smell of alcohol, the girl frowned and helped Li Yalin to Chu & aacuteng to let him lie down. "Well, I'm all right." Li Yalin waved his hand and was shocked. His drunken appearance just now suddenly dissipated. He was pretending just now. "Eh?"? So Yalin, you are not drunk. "Lesser Snow looked at Li Yalin curiously. Since you are not drunk, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting supplier, why do you pretend to be drunk?"? "Silly girl, Yalin will naturally have a reason for this." Banisha looked at Li Yalin with a smile, and she knew that Li Yalin would not drink like this before the big game. It was too unreliable to drink before the war. "No way, but also to cooperate with Ralph and Clark," Li Yalin smiled or Banisha knew herself. "How is it?"? Is there any new information? Banisha's eyes lit up, although not belonging to the same camp, but after all belong to the forces of justice, naturally to carry out a simple exchange of information. "It's nothing special, but it's certain that this F contest is Lucar's yyīn plot. General Hadilun is speeding up the collection of evidence. What's the situation on your side?" Li Yalin shook his head and did not break through the development of X & igraveng. "Similarly, there is no good clue, Banisha face s & egrave is also some dim secret investigation for a small day, but there is no harvest, it is really disappointing ah." "Oh, in that case, it's our turn to come out." Unexpectedly, at this moment, there was a sudden sound of jijiāo laughing outside the door. Who is it! Hearing the voice of an outsider, Banisha suddenly became nervous, and it was no joke that such secrets were heard by outsiders. But after hearing this voice, Li Yalin is very calm, after all, he is already very familiar with this voice, because this is the voice of wild X & igraveng royal sister Weiss. Then, the door of Li Yalin's room was opened, and two royal beauties, Maizhuo and Weisi, went straight in. Seeing the figures of these two people, Banisha finally put down her hanging heart. At least they were on Li Yalin's side, which Banisha knew. "Why are you here?" Li Yalin knew that if nothing had happened, Maizhuo and Weisi would not have come to find themselves so late. 'What's The matter? Can't you come to see the handsome boy if you are free? You are really unfeeling, "Wei Si threw Li Yalin a charming look, is really a goblin ah." All right, let's get down to business. After my investigation with Weisi, the purpose of Lucar's F contest is to find out the powerful masters so as to satisfy his collection. Li Yalin's expression was a little embarrassed, and Maizhuo hurriedly opened his mouth to rescue him. "Collect y & ugrave?" Li Yalin raised his eyebrows and seemed to have a little impression. "Yes, Lucar has a very perverted hobby, that is, to defeat the powerful fighters and cast their bodies into bronze statues. According to our investigation, so far, Lucar's collection of fighter specimens has been countless. This time, he has a big appetite. He must collect a bronze statue of the King of Fighters before he stops." And told her everything she knew. Collect bronze statues? By the way, Li Yalin also remembered that the plot of the 94KF contest was indeed like this. Lucar's bad habits were really disgusting. It seems that after winning the championship this time, it is better to solve Lucar by the way, even if it is for the people. "How about the handsome boy?"? You are the seed team of the champion. Most of Lucar's goals are on you. Are you afraid? Weiss looked at Li Yalin with a smile on her face, and even her little hand caressed Li Yalin's cheek dishonestly. "I'm not even afraid of Gonitz, let alone his defeated Lukar." Li Yalin helplessly rolled his eyes,needle valve manufacturer, Lucar's strength is really good, but compared to his Li Yalin, it is still far from it. chinaroke.com
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