Battle of the dead wife

The beast originally had a very artistic name, called Mi, which was said to have been given by her mother who died early. Her father was a hoodlum. He grew up eating hundreds of meals in his early years. He didn't starve to death with his ability to fight fiercely. Later, with his ability to fight fiercely, he became a cancer and was called Mi Ye by people bowing and bowing. The old man was far-sighted, and felt that it was not a matter to go on blackening all the time, and that he had to find a big backer for himself. Then, he is also absolutely, Leng is with their own skin to hook up with a high official daughter, that is, his mother. He had a good plan. If he married his daughter and had another child, he would have to take care of his son-in-law more or less. This idea is very good, but did not expect the wife to give birth to a child died, leaving a daughter, there directly angry, not to mention help, can not suppress good. It is said that the beast is also unlucky, she is supposed to have such a mother, the day is not bad. Result The old man was not a generous man. One end was angry with his mother-in-law, and the other end was angry with his daughter. But the beast was not a person who was willing to suffer losses when he was young. When the old man tormented her, she went to torment the old man's illegitimate son. Although the mother-in-law could not borrow any help, as long as he did not tear his face, the old man would not dare to marry again, but that would not delay his raising a mistress and giving birth to a child. Compared with the cabbage,metal stamping parts, those illegitimate children are the old man's favorite. However, the old man was so angry that he did not dare to do anything to his eldest daughter. Although the beast has an amiable baby face, he is really a man who wants to be strong to death. She did well in school when she was young, but it did not delay her mastery of fighting guns. When she realized her situation, she ran up to the old man and said so. The land you laid down is either mine or no one can get it. The old man looked at the young girl who was only ten years old and laughed angrily. "When your father was frightened by you?" The beast looked calm and said, "All right, then I'll commit suicide directly. Then I'll write a suicide note and send it to my grandfather and uncle, saying that I was killed by those bastards outside you. Do you think Xinmi will still exist?" Of course, she did not feel that the so-called grandfather and uncle really loved her,titanium machining parts, but they have given reasons, they have no reason not to pick up chicken feathers as arrows. The old man also knew this. Looking at the seriousness on his daughter's face, he wanted to laugh but couldn't. Finally, he said dryly, "You are a little girl. Can't you take a good college entrance examination and marry a good family?"? Why do you care about all these bad things in my hands? Am I missing your dowry? The beast looked at him firmly and said, "If I can't think about your bad things, can I grow up?" The old man was dumb. Just a month ago, the girl was almost kidnapped by his mistress. No matter how the process, in short, the old man is holding his nose to announce the daughter's heir status. At first, he was reluctant, but after taking his daughter with him, he gradually found that one daughter could support ten sons. He thought again, no matter how dissatisfied his mother-in-law was with him, his daughter had the blood of his family on her body. Compared with those sons, the daughter can get the greatest benefits. And also do not know how, Steel investment casting ,Stainless steel foundry, the old man originally son preference more value son, the result is unexpected, in addition to this first daughter, after his mistresses are chasing a son, Leng is unable to give birth to a girl out. Things are precious when they are rare, and the daughter's performance is really excellent, so the old man's opinion is gradually gone. Anyway, the daughter can also be married, as long as the grandson will follow his surname, that is no different from the grandson. In this way, the old man had a kind of heart-to-heart feeling for his daughter. In this way, the good days of the beast came, but unfortunately, Lao Tzu became reliable, but his uncle and grandfather, who had never been masked, were not so reliable. At least for her, it was. After all, no one wants their flesh to be cut off, even if the other person is your blood elder. The other side said so many nice words, the central idea is one, cooperate with them to destroy the new Mihui, let the new Mihui become a stepping stone for the other side's official career. And all she gets is not to face jail time. I don't know if it's a bluff. But in the face of power, there is no way to resist the new Mihui, which is only a black force. However, with the strength of the beast, naturally do not want to end up like this. There is no one in the world who can use her and get away with it. When the old man was sent back with serious injuries and dying to tell her how to save the new meeting, the beast, who had not yet made up his mind, made a decision. A month later, the New Missionary Society was destroyed, and the political party of the Yue family of the New Missionary Society, which was "in cahoots" with the New Mistionary Society, fell one after another. However, Ah Shou, who was originally the daughter of the New Mistionary Society, disappeared and appeared abroad. Unfortunately, the beast calculated well, but did not think that he did not die in the turmoil, but because of a bridge collapse incident died. After entering the space of the main God, although the overhead system is somewhat unpleasant, however. I have to say, the beast had a great time here. All the nature that needs to be covered up in life, whether it is overbearing or ruthless, can be revealed here. It's like.. The world suddenly had fun. The beast slowly opened his eyes, and the corners of his mouth could not help but raise a smile. I had a good dream. Just in time. Go out and have fun after such a long sleep. Unlike the others, the beast is obviously more aggressive and aggressive. Because of her race, she sleeps for a long time from time to time. But when she woke up, she was never a salted fish. There are two kinds of fun that the beast likes. One is to play the game of domination. She will choose a plane in troubled times at will, and then integrate into it, and control it bit by bit as a creature of the plane. And most of the planes under her rule come from this. One is the marriage game, the beast is not romantic, but it is not Liu Xia Hui. But she felt that simply for physical needs to find,car radiator cap, not to mention good luck, bad luck to meet a luxury of your feelings, it is simply bad.
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