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Xinyu is still the usual Xinyu, and there is no change. It seems that I am oversensitive. Accustomed to the days of fear, this kind of ordinary life, but feel a little unaccustomed. She went back to the sofa, drank juice and continued to watch TV with Lisa. Xinyu did not wipe the tea table, but wiped the floor. Maybe she accidentally spilled something on the floor before we got home. I am really not suitable for ordinary life because I am jittery about any small changes. Never dare to put down the hanging heart, always maintain a high degree of vigilance, this is the character developed over the past 20 years. After finishing the housework, Xinyu came to drive Lisa back to her room as usual and watched TV comfortably. I'm not in the mood to watch the fashion show and go to my room to sleep. Lying in bed, tossing and turning, I couldn't sleep. Open your eyes and look at the white ceiling, feel a kind of inexplicable heavy, close your eyes, in the dark passing waves of white shadow, but also feel uneasy. What's wrong with me today? The loneliness of more than twenty years seems to gather together and surge into my heart. Get up and put a blues in the CD player, then lie down on the bed, light a cigarette, the irritability in my heart is still lingering. It didn't take long for the light smoke to fill the room. I blew into the air gently, and the misty smoke slowly dispersed from my face. As long as I don't smoke in front of Lisa, Xinyu has no problem. This is not like the old me. Suddenly I have a deep dislike for myself. What an asshole! I quickly took my silenced pistol out of the drawer, fired a shot into my arm, controlled the pain, and quickly put the pistol back in the drawer. Anesthesia soon spread all over my body, and I clenched my teeth and shrank into the quilt. Chapter 14 phone calls from the Green Dragon Club. “one,two,one,two…… again……” In a hazy way,Nail machine supplier, I heard the music and commands of the TV morning exercise program coming from the living room. Damn Xinyu, every morning she follows the TV and does aerobics like a fool. Stretching out from the quilt, the milky white plastic bullet is embedded in the skin, which is particularly conspicuous. Around the bullet is a circle of solidified red blood clots. The whole picture is like the sun of the North Pole. Reason 'mention.. Supply ], dazzling and piercing? Although I don't know what the sun looks like at the North Pole. 。 He dug out the bullet without a word, so calm that it was not my arm in front of him. With the twitch of the arm nerve, the plastic bullet landed on the sheet with a little blood. The wound was not very deep, but after removing the bullet, there was still a little blood flowing out of the wound. Take out the Band-Aid from the drawer, plug the bleeding round wound, put on the clothes in a hurry, and hide the Band-Aid under the clothes. Although experienced a pain, but in exchange for a night of peace. He took out his gun and hid it silently in his clothes. It's my good habit to carry a gun with me, Automatic nail machine ,Coil nail machine, and who knows what tricks Akiko will come up with to bother me. Opening the curtains, the red sun just rose from the top of the church opposite. It seems that the weather is good today. Open the window and throw the white bullet from the sheet outside in the garden. The early morning wind was so cold and strong that I had a lot of goose bumps on my body. A Wisteria in the garden was creeping up to my windowsill, so I broke its top and closed the window. Put on your coat and walk into the living room. Damn Xinyu is still doing the damn aerobics. Breakfast is on the table. Xinyu, dressed in bodybuilding clothes, turned to me as she lifted her legs. You don't need your eyes to know: a cup of black tea, a piece of bread, a boiled egg. Drinking black tea, eating bread, looking at the bouncing Xinyu, I don't think about anything in my mind, but feel a kind of confused loss. The damn TV bodybuilding program finally ended. Xinyu picked up the towel on the sofa, wiped the sweat off her face, and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Before long, Xinyu changed into professional women's clothes, came to the living room, and drank a mouthful of milk safely: "Get up very early today!" Xinyu, who has just taken a bath, exudes heat all over her body, her skin is ruddy and shiny, her nose is slightly open and open, every detail makes people feel that she is fresh and pleasant, and her wet hair adds to her femininity. Uh I swallowed the egg and got up from my seat. I don't like to watch aerobics like a fool, so I prefer to let Xinyu wake me up before going out. Xinyu grabbed me and said, "Lisa won't go to kindergarten today. Let her sleep a little longer." "Who will accompany her if she doesn't go to kindergarten?" I sat down on the chair and looked at Xinyu. I'll go to the wedding dress shop in the morning and go home in the afternoon. She is like a head of state, telling her own itinerary and letting others make corresponding arrangements according to her itinerary. Although I am not satisfied with her tone and attitude, I also appreciate her independent and unswerving personality. Just still feel a little abnormal, before Xinyu, will never take the initiative to take time to accompany Lisa. It's Lisa's birthday. Xinyu knew that I would not ask "why" and took the initiative to add such a sentence. She put the cup gently on the table, brushed her hair with her fingers and picked up her handbag. "I'm going out, so I'll leave the cup to you." With that, Xinyu, with her usual vigorous attitude, got up and left her seat and walked out of the apartment. By the time I finished washing two cups, Lisa hadn't got up yet. Seeing that the milk on the table was getting cold, I knocked on the door of Lisa's room. "Lisa, haven't you got up yet?" Suddenly I felt that I was completely reduced to a nanny. All I need is a white apron around my waist. He called several times, but there was no response. Accustomed to thinking about bad situations, I felt a little nervous and went straight into the room. Lisa was still lying in bed, and I was a little relieved. I don't think Akiko has the guts or the ability to "steal" Lisa in the middle of the night. But Lisa's face was a little bad, and it seemed that the situation was not good. Dad,Automatic Nail Making Machine, Lisa is so sad. Lisa said feebly, her eyes full of pleading and helplessness. I went up and touched her forehead. Fortunately, it was not hot. He must have lay down on the grass yesterday and caught a cold. I quickly dressed her and took her to the hospital.
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