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Xuanyuan Kui, of course, did not notice this, he was in front of the eyes shining, and when Huan desperately dug out the bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest, Yunluo followed them to peel the bamboo shoots clothes, three people were busy, suddenly heard the sound of "Porphyra", looking back, Chu Yushu was tripped by a stone to eat shit, fell to the ground for half a day and could not get up, his little face was red. I don't know if I'm trying too hard or I'm brewing a big cry. Ha-ha ha-ha ha Xuanyuan looked up and laughed unscrupulously. In the middle of laughing, he saw Chu Yushu lying there pulling out a weed to send to his mouth. His face suddenly changed. A hungry tiger rushed out and rolled into a ball with Chu Yushu in order to grab the weed in his hand. Wow- "a moment later, the cry finally broke out after the food was snatched from his mouth. Chu Yushu cried so much that the sky was dark and the earth was dark. His little mouth was full of bubbles." This is Hu Mancao, and you will be heartbroken if you eat it! Yunluo was also startled and frightened. Xuanyuan, who was lucky enough to grab the poisonous weeds, was in a cold sweat. But Chu Yushu only knew that he was robbed of food. He didn't care whether you were poisonous or not. He cried so much that he lay there, kicking his legs desperately, and could not get up on the ground. Afterwards or when Huan with a small bag of hidden preserves in exchange for peace, Chu Yushu eat the corners of his mouth and hands are full of honey, and then happily lying on the back of Xuanyuan Su fell asleep, let him carry back,Nail production machine, of course, tears and snot what by the way rubbed Xuanyuan all over. On the way back, Xuanyuan could not help complaining: "It was not easy to slip out to play once, so it was stirred up." Yun Luo and Shi Huan are laughing. Xuanyuan spat again: "Little fart child is really too annoying!" "Yes, the little kid is so annoying!" Suddenly someone answered, Xuanyuan was delighted to hear this, and was waiting to echo and continue to scold, but remembered that the voice was not right! Turn around and look Mu Shisan stood proudly on the top of the tree, looking leisurely at the vast mountains in the distance with his hands behind his back. His face immediately collapsed and he opened his mouth to argue. Consequences? Of course,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the consequences are very miserable! As the mastermind who encouraged his classmates to sneak out to play. Xuanyuan was punished to retreat for a month and was not allowed to come out, but fortunately the punishment was not carried out until the next day. In other words, he was not unlucky enough to eat the wild vegetables he dug with his own hands, and then eat the Bigu pills for a month with the birds fading out of his mouth. Many of the potherbs dug up can be scalded in boiling water and eaten with a mouthful of oil and salt. Only the fragrant mugwort is left alone. After scalding the veins of the leaves, it is mashed and mixed with rice cakes made from japonica rice, with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, diced meat and dried bean curd stuffing to make mugwort cakes. Everyone laughed and laughed for a long time, steaming out the moxa cake. Han Yin looked left and right, but didn't see Luo Yunqing. He asked Yunluo to pack a dish of moxa cake and send it while it was hot. He didn't want to be stopped by Mu Shisan. The Pure Brightness is coming, so there's no need to send it. Han Yinwei was stunned and suddenly woke up: "Yes, the Pure Brightness is coming.." They had moved away from Luoxing Lake long ago and moved to Qianhu Forest. Because he liked the seclusion and beauty of this place, Luo Yunqing also lived here for a long time. He did not go out for leisure. He only practiced quietly. Occasionally, he chatted with Master Chu about ancient events, or talked with Mu Shisanshou. His life was very leisurely. Only in April every year, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine price, he would go out once, and he would not be seen for a whole month. yuan yuan, Wan'an Town. The bluestone slabs on the road leading to the outside of the town have been loosened and dilapidated for a long time, and because of the continuous drizzle, the ground is wet, and there is often dirty mud splashing out from the stone crevices when stepping on them. Even if pedestrians avoid quickly, they will inevitably dirty their shoes, socks and trousers. By the side of the road, there is a wine shop, the tall wine has long lost the bright color of the past, floating in the slightly cold wind, as gray as this old town, the only bright color is a touch of rose red in the counter, this is the wine shop owner's daughter Tao Bao, who has double ten youth, obviously out of bright eyes and white teeth, is a famous beauty within a hundred miles. But I don't know why I have wasted my time to get married at such an age. However, there is no denying that with the existence of such a live sign as Tao Bao in the wine shop, business is much better. Those men who have worked hard all day, no matter how stingy they are with a few hard money in their hands, will stop involuntarily when they pass by the wine shop, count out two coppers and ask for a bowl of cheap hot yellow wine, and occasionally ask for a dish of salt peanuts to go with the wine when they are rich. Then they stood on the edge of the counter, drinking at one end and teasing Tao Bao with words at the other, until she became angry and cursed people with their eyes crossed and their hips akimbo. Only then did they leave with a warm body and a warm heart, as if they had found an interest that could be sensed but could not be expressed in words. However, 365 days a year is not every day. Miss Tao Bao was also absent-minded, not only lazy to curse, but even turned a deaf ear to the lewd teasing of the idle man. When she was not ashamed or annoyed, she would change into her favorite rose-colored dress, and she became quiet because of her silence. She sat behind the counter with her chin propped up and looked at the street scene in a daze, and her eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of dreamy fog. Unexpectedly, she had the gentle appearance of a lady from a good family, not like a street Jasper with a straightforward personality. Similarly, at this time, the mood of the peach shopkeeper will also change, the smile on his face is much less, replaced by wrinkles, each with deep anxiety, just like his eyes looking at Tao Bao from time to time. Three years! Still not give up after three years. "Shopkeeper Tao took advantage of the gap to mutter, the volume was just enough to reach her daughter's ears but not to be heard by others. Unfortunately, it was useless. Tao Bao's attention was focused on the other side of the street, and she didn't hear what her father was saying at all.". Peach shopkeeper also did not give up and continued to mutter: "Every year in April, I get sick, like being seduced. If I had known this, I should have married you early, and I wouldn't have left it until now to attract gossip." When Miss Tao Bao heard this, she frowned a little gloomily. Just as she was about to turn around and defend herself, out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of a white shadow on the other side of the street. Her body tightened at once, the slightly gloomy expression on her face came alive in an instant,iron nail machine, and the dreamy mist in her eyes dissipated, shining with joy and excitement, so bright that people could not look at it directly.
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