Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

I stood up, smiled, ran down the hill, and shouted, "Well, I want a hind leg, and bake it crisp!" Www. Xiao shuotxt., COMT, Xt, small, say heaven, ", Don." Chapter 723 persistence, obsession. After the war, there was always a rest, but Shaomao Xiaodao and I worked hard. After a day of self-cultivation, the next day, we went to Namka Gyatso's home and said to him that we were safe. It was not a long journey, and it happened to be a rehabilitation operation for me and Shaomao Xiaodao, who were recovering. When we arrived at Namka Gyatso's house, we found that the man's eyes were red and his beard was unshaven, as if he had aged several years. He was so excited to see us that he even asked us if we were all right now. We nodded and said it was all right. Without saying a word, he looked around cautiously. Then he pulled us into the house and told us what had happened that day. He told us to be careful. The other party had chased us here. He was not safe here. We laughed and asked him to relax, saying that we had almost finished dealing with this matter, and that in the future, there would be no more people dressed as Taoist priests coming to inquire at will. Namka Gyatso hurriedly asked what was going on? We can't talk to him in detail. We just told him about the general situation and said that we had reached a preliminary settlement with the pursuers. Namka Gyatso clasped his hands and said yes, this is the best. You two are good people. Now is a very good situation. In the future, you will be able to be innocent. Namka Gyatso knew that we had a good relationship with the lamas of the Baiju Monastery,rosmarinic acid supplement, so he asked about Guru Lunzhu's transformation into a rainbow, which had been widely spread in the past few days. We do not know how well Baiju Temple has done in the crisis public relations of this incident, and what is the caliber of propaganda for the outside world, so we just regard it as ignorance and ask what Namka Gyatso knows? Shaking his head, he said that there were many rumors. Some said that guru Lun-Chu had gone to the infinite palace of the dakini pure land, and some said that he had left a fist-sized corpse to build a pagoda for worship. But the most popular one was that he was taken advantage of by evil spirits and cut off the path of rainbow transformation. I did not speak, this folklore, is often hearsay, can not be true, but specious,fenugreek saponins, people can not tell the true from the false. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I just want to ask Nanka Gyatso what he wants? He clasped his hands together and expressed piously that he naturally hoped that the master could fly into the infinite palace, get the position of the fruit, and enjoy tranquility forever. I laughed and said that in that case, let's just say that the Guru has already turned into a rainbow. Why bother. Namka Gyatso said with a smile, "Since the heart has passed, why should we be persistent?"? So relieved, he shouted, let his wife began to cook, yesterday just slaughtered the sheep, today to make a big meal, a good drink of highland barley wine. We all agreed. During the conversation, Mochi, the little guy, shouted uncle and ran in. When he saw us, he shouted master excitedly. Nanka Gyatso patted the boy on the back of his head and said that you were really a nose spirit. The meal here was just ready to be cooked, and you ran over. After a lively meal, we said goodbye to these simple Tibetans and returned to the pagoda. The tiger cat galloped over our heads, and with the white-backed vulture as a coolie, the adult became more and more lazy, riding his horse and raising his whip like a teenager. Back to the pagoda, carnosic acid price ,ghana seed extract, Shaomao Xiaodao dug out the thunder penalty buried on the land ten meters in front of the pagoda the day before yesterday. After almost two days of solidification, the blood on the thunder penalty has been condensed into glue, which looks strange, black and red, irregular bulges, like a lump of wood wrapped in glue. And that day we got the demon Dan of the swordback crocodile dragon, which was collected by Shaomao Xiaodao. The tiger cat told us that the peach wood is the essence of the five trees. In the gate of ghosts, it can control hundreds of ghosts and suppress evil spirits in ancient times. This thing is too rigid, easy to break, so by Liu Xuedao a shadowless sword, to shock a transparent, difficult to continue, this time although the crocodile dragon blood impregnation, to fill the gap of those pulled damage, but the thunder floating, difficult to restrain, non-original, difficult self-control, can not say that it will hurt itself by mistake, will become a burning electricity; And the integration of the demon Dan into the thunder punishment also requires a kind of gentle and majestic neutralization. There are not many similar things in this world. If you really want to be good, you need to find some peach yuan. What is peach yuan, as the name implies, is the vitality of peach wood, a single tree does not make a forest, only the kind of place with a long history of peach planting, a large area of peach forest deep in the soil, there will be breeding. This thing is chaotic, rich and delicate, if one day it produces consciousness, it is a spirit, possessed by trees, like the predecessor of thunder punishment. Hearing the tiger cat's words, we knew that Shaomao Xiaodao would not be punished by thunder in a short time. As for the so-called peach yuan, this thing is like lightning strike peach wood, can be met but not sought, where can be found casually? However, Shaomao Xiaodao is also open-minded, and not very entangled with this matter, said that since the Maoshan side temporarily stopped chasing, then the thunder punishment is also useless. Cultivate the Tao, and ultimately cultivate the individual, it is better to take advantage of this period of time to improve their own cultivation. He said so, but in the eyes, still a little dim, I thought, if there is the news of the peach yuan, it must be better to help him recover. Small demon for several days, the mood is not very high, some. Among all the people, she has the best relationship with Huowa, and she has been together for the longest time. Huowa, a bad-tempered insect, has been treated by her obediently. It is quite a dog's leg. At this moment, Huowa is absolutely away. The saddest thing should be the little demon. And these days, Duoduo has been following the ghost mother-in-law, studying in the space on the top of the tower, and has no time to accompany the little sister, depressed and nowhere to go, so it is very smoldering. I was a little worried, so I instigated the fat insect to comfort the little fox. Before long, the fat insect's buttocks were red and swollen,lutein eye complex, and the black bean's eyes were full of grievance and fear. As a competent strange uncle, Shaomao Xiaodao is very resourceful. He pulled out a demon tendon from the body of the sword ridge crocodile dragon and prepared to add it to the nine-tailed demon rope in the palace of Tianshan Shenchi, a mysterious place.
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