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Yujiaolong lay in bed for two days, during which Xianggu never came to her room. Yujiaolong called Tainu to ask, only to know that Xianggu had moved to Caoze. It turned out that after she left, some horse thieves came to the village one after another. In order to avoid the eyes and ears of the officers and soldiers, they built huts in the grass and all lived in the grass. A few days later, Yujiaolong still could not hear any news about Luo Xiaohu. She could not lie still in the room any longer, so she rode the big black horse to the boundary and then went to the grass again. There were low huts everywhere in the meadow, and the horse thieves sat in twos and threes outside the huts with sad faces. When they saw Yujiaolong, they all looked at her coldly, with hostility in their eyes. This immediately reminded her of a scene ten years ago: after she fought with Luo Xiaohu on the lawn in the woods, the eyes she saw at that time were also hostile. Yujiaolong shivered slightly and murmured in her heart, "After ten years, these horse thieves are still vicious and untamed!"! She ignored them and walked calmly to the depths of the grass. When she came to the low-lying swamp, she suddenly saw Xianggu and Harimu standing under a tree, talking with a man dressed as an officer and soldier. When Xianggu saw Yujiaolong, she suddenly stopped talking. The man dressed in the garb of officers and men also turned around,plastic laminated tube, his face immediately showing the color of panic, and he could not help retreating several steps. Yu Jiaolong immediately recognized him and said in amazement, "Is that you?!"! Ma Qiang? "It's me," Ma Qiang stammered. "Where are you from?" Yujiaolong asked hurriedly? What are you doing here? Ma Qiang: From Ili. Go to Tacheng. Yujiaolong looked at him in great surprise. Just as she was about to ask what was going on, Xianggu quickly interrupted and said, "Ma Qiang is now the flag officer of Lord Yu's office.". He went to Tacheng to deliver orders precisely for the sake of Brother Luo. Xianggu then told the whole story of Ma Qiang's coming here: Yu Shuai had received an urgent report from Tacheng,plastic packing tube, and knew that Luo Xiaohu had been captured. General Qian of Tacheng Camp wanted to escort Luo Xiaohu to Ili immediately and hand him over to Yu Shuai. He was afraid that he would be intercepted by a horse thief on the way, so he asked Yu Shuai to send troops to escort him. Yu Shuai thought that escorting a captured horse thief, if there were many people, wouldn't he be ridiculed! Ma Qiang was sent to Tacheng to send orders to the camp to send only a hundred riders to escort Luo Xiaohu to Ili as soon as possible. If he was intercepted by a horse thief on the way, he would behead Luo on the spot. Ma Qiang came to inform everyone so as to discuss a proper way to save Luo Xiaohu. Yujiaolong was taken aback when she heard Xianggu's words. From her father's move of "only sending a hundred riders to escort", she saw through his father's strategy of "luring the enemy to rob", which was intended to cut off Luo Xiaohu, so as to shirk the responsibility of acting first and reporting later. She just secretly frightened and complained, but still quietly asked Xianggu: "Have you already discussed a good way?" Xianggu said, "We are in trouble. Lord Yu's move is really cruel. It means that he has put the knife on Brother Luo's neck and is waiting for us to touch it.". Fortunately, Brother Ma Qiang came to report, cosmetic tube packaging ,plastic packaging tube, otherwise, Brother Luo's life would have been destroyed in our hands. Yujiaolong secretly appreciated Xianggu's carefulness and cleverness, and she looked at Harimu with inquiring eyes. Harimu had been meditating all the time. Then he said unhurriedly, "There is only one way to save Brother Luo. That is to dress up our brothers as officers and soldiers. When they escort Brother Luo, they will greet them. When they get close to them, they will suddenly attack and surprise them. In this way, we may be able to rescue Brother Luo and keep him safe and sound." Xianggu was so happy that she almost jumped up. She slapped Harimu on the shoulder and said, "Why didn't you say so earlier?"! I didn't think you could come up with such a good idea! Harimu took Xianggu's hand and ignored her, only looking at Yujiaolong with inquiring eyes. Yu Jiaolong hesitated for a moment and said, "This is a common tactic in the art of war. I'm afraid I can't hide it from Lord Yu." Ma Qiang said in amazement, "Lord Yu has really thought about this move!"! He once said to me, "The only feasible way for a horse thief is to pretend to be an officer and soldier and attack me unprepared when I am not on guard.". But I measure the horse thief to be brave and unruly, and my wisdom is not as good as this, not to mention that the required costume is not enough for a while. Therefore, no order was issued to guard against it. In this way, if it were not for the large amount of jade adults, this clever plan of the Harimu brothers would be difficult to carry out. Yujiaolong was secretly surprised and wondered: Father has always been far-sighted and cautious in fighting. How could he be so negligent? Is he making an exception, or is there something else? Yujiaolong could not figure it out for a moment, and his heart was full of doubts. When Harimu saw that Yujiaolong hesitated, he said, "We still have the clothes of more than ten cavalry officers and men, so we'll do it like this.". I went to choose more than ten fierce brothers dressed up as officers and soldiers, the rest of the brothers ambushed in the Jinghe area, and when the officers and soldiers of Tacheng came with Brother Luo, I led more than ten brothers who pretended to be officers and soldiers to approach him. When the time came, I drew my sword as a sign, and we only tried our best to protect Brother Luo, but to keep him out of the tight encirclement was a great achievement. The rest of the officers and men were left to the brothers who were lying in ambush nearby. Xianggu nodded her head in praise. Still worriedly, Yujiaolong said, "Man proposes, God disposes. Always be careful." Xianggu felt a burst of displeasure in her heart and said to Yujiaolong, "Miss, you have always been shrewd and decisive. If you can do this, you can do it. If you can't do it, you can't do it. Why do you say something that is not painful or itchy?"! Have you become a lukewarm and lukewarm? Yujiaolong suddenly heard the word "Miss" from Xianggu's mouth and was slightly stunned. Suddenly, she felt that she and Xianggu seemed to have been separated by a ditch, a mountain,cosmetic tube, a river, and the two hearts seemed to be no longer connected. Her eyes suddenly flashed with the hostile eyes she had just seen. She felt that she had fallen into a dilemma of betrayal, filled with inexplicable loneliness and deep sadness. Yujiaolong walked out of the grass silently and went home. emptycosmetictubes.com
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