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Qin Fang did not think they could get it done, he wanted to go back and forth a few more times, if it was dark, he could move again tomorrow, not in a hurry. Who would have thought that the soft and slender girl in his mind would pick up a piece of wood as soon as he stretched out his wrist. The reason for using it is that the expression is too relaxed and the action is too light, as if it is not a piece of wood weighing dozens of kilograms, but an embroidery needle. Then the girl picked up the second piece. The third piece.. The fourth piece.. This picture is so weird that Qin Fang doesn't know how to describe it. Four pieces of wood were stacked together, blocking the girl's whole body. Qin Yi's voice came from behind the wood: "I can't put it down." What he said is not that he can't move it, but that he can't put it down! Qin Fang took a breath and walked around to him. "Can you move it?" He asked. Qin Yi face does not change color, heart does not beat, even in the eyes there are some doubts, seems to be asking: "Why can not move?"? But because he respects Qin Fang very much, so do not have any doubt, answer softly: "Move." Qin Fang: "..." The remaining two pieces of wood were picked up by Qin Er, and this time they were really picked up, with one part in his left hand and one part in his right hand, as if he were picking up two chickens. A beautiful girl with huge arms? Qin Fang has no eyes to see! If he had known they were so strong, why did he bother to divide the wood? It's a lot of trouble, and it's obviously easier to move the whole thing back! After a long walk, Qin Yi and Qin Er also looked calm and did not look tired at all. Qin Fang remembered what the short and thick box people had complained about before-these inferior people were lazy. Brother Box, I'm afraid you're not a fool. When they were about to go out of the forest and come to their open space, Qin Fang saw a dark shadow rushing past. His eyes lit up and he was so greedy that he was flustered. Wild boar. Roast pork is the real meat! The author has something to say: Mr. Wild Boar: Ya.. Flax butterfly ~ ~ ah ~ ~ ~ Chapter 7 Although Qin Fang wanted to eat meat crazily, he did not lose his mind. Wild boars are not domestic pigs. They are fast,heavy duty plastic pallet, powerful and fierce. They also like to live in groups. If they are easily provoked, they are afraid of having an accident. His girls, though strong, were inexperienced, and he did not want them to take risks. Let's go Qin Fang scattered his head full of roast pork and went straight home. He does not mention, no one will ask, a few people are exactly the same clever. When night fell, they arrived home, and Qin Fang disposed of the wild potatoes he had dug while cutting wood today. There are plenty of baked potatoes,plastic pallet bin, plus berries, enough for seven people to eat a meal, provided that the seven people are eating normally. Qin Fang greeted them: "Eat." All six of them sat perfectly still. Where does Qin Fang not understand? He pretended to be fierce and threatened them: "If you don't eat, you will be driven away." This is very good, six people Qi Qi Leng, Qin Yi took the lead in picking up potatoes, peeled. As soon as he moved, the other five people immediately moved and began to eat potatoes honestly. When Qin Fang saw how pitiful they were, he was distressed. "If you want to stay with me," he said, "you have to eat well and make yourself stronger." Then he felt that the adjective was not quite right. How could a girl want to be strong? But times are different, in such an age, they are also discriminated against, and they need to strengthen themselves indefinitely. A pile of wild potatoes, Qin Fang only ate three and then it was gone. Qin Fang asked them, "Are you full?" Six people shook their heads together. No wonder, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet supplier, they have such great strength, it is normal to eat more. It's just. Qin Fang looked at the potato skins all over the floor and sighed in his heart: "This is too much to eat!"! Sure enough, he still had to eat meat, and Qin Fang's mind was full of the strong little body of the wild boar. This night, Professor Qin left three beauties, right three beauties, all his dishes, but he was not moved, and wild boar in the dream lingering. When he woke up, he made up his mind. Don't build a house first, you have to eat enough! Isn't it wild boar? It's better in groups. He doesn't believe that a group of wild boar can't feed six little girls! Qin Yi woke up earlier than he did. They were already standing outside the door. Qin Fang asked, "Do you want to eat meat?" Qin Yi paused, with some doubts in his beautiful black eyes: "Meat?" A word asked Qin to rest assured and heartache, these poor children, have not even eaten meat? Oh, before they eat fish, no, in front of pork, how can fish be meat! "Go." Qin put his eyes firmly, "take you to eat meat." Qin Fang has been cautious all his life, and naturally he will not rush to hunt rashly. If he wants to catch pigs, he must be fully prepared. They are all little girls with fine skin and tender meat, and they must not be injured. But he can't handle a group of wild boars by himself, so he has to work together and cooperate well, and can't waste their great strength. "Let's make some handy tools first," said Qin Fang. He has an omnipotent scraper, but Qin Yi is unarmed. This ghost place, iron is no need to think, or have to do stone, but do not look down upon the stone, pick the stone, polished the same effect is extraordinary. Although Qin Fang is an out-and-out scientific researcher, he has a wide range of knowledge, because his research projects need to span too many different fields, so he knows a lot. Before the cold sleep, he tried many extreme projects and even experienced wild survival with his friends. It is these experiences that enable him to live comfortably in this forest alone, and ordinary people are afraid that they will be tortured by all kinds of discomfort. Gossip Moti, picking stones is not difficult, when making tools, Qin Fang in order to change the tools and the beauties away-this is no trouble, as long as he opens his mouth, they are like a computer receiving instructions, seriously fulfilling the task. Qin Fang turned the universal tool into a grinder, carefully made six spearheads, and made several large stone balls. In fact, this is not easy. It is easy to polish the stone, but you will know how much effort and patience it will take. Fortunately, Qin Fang has a universal tool, although this thing is made of stone, but unusually sharp, cutting stone like mud, so it is still easy. Qin Fang also trimmed a few thick branches,stackable plastic pallets, combined together is six spears, plus throwing stones, tools for the time being enough. cnplasticpallet.com
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