Runaway bride

Rong Qinxin thought to himself, but the corners of his mouth could not help evoking a contented smile. She can no longer be decadent, even if there is no so-called reason for survival, she still has to survive. No matter how God treats her, she will live without hesitation and be strong. Because, she is always a weed that will not admit defeat, she wants to survive, open and aboveboard survival! [Text: Chapter 78 Dark Horse Prince] Pushing open the door of the Green Willow Pavilion, the voice startled a group of pigeons. Rong Qinxin watched them pass over his head, wondering when Master Mo would love to raise pigeons. The courtyard was still lonely, and the furnishings had not changed much from a few months ago. This time, Qinxin went straight up to the second floor without any guidance, and walked all the way to the old wooden door. Qinxin hesitated for a moment, brewing how to make a good apology, just want to knock on the door, inside came the familiar broken dumb voice of Master Mo. Come on in. The light in the room was still dim, and Qinxin looked at Master Mo, who was bowing his head and coughing at the table, and for a moment he felt even older. Have a seat. Master Mo pulled a stool and called Qinxin to sit down. Qinxin was so clever that he sat down. His eyes were clear and he lingered on Master Mo's knife-like cheeks. Master Mo, you don't look so good. "Cough.." Cough.. Repeatedly coughing a few times, Master Mo looked up at Qinxin,spill plastic pallet, "Recently I felt cold and coughed." "It's time to have more rest. It's easy to catch a cold in such a house." Qin Xin has never treated Master Mo as an old man, she has only seen his tough side, but did not realize that he is also a pine old man. Master Mo smiled and shook his head. I am a man used to suffering. Qinxin did not speak, but looked at him worriedly. Master Mo found her sad and patted her on the head. Girl, don't worry about me. This time, don't you want to explain why you missed the appointment? Rong Qinxin was stunned and felt guilty. When she didn't know where to start, Master Mo patted her on the head again and said lightly,wholesale plastic pallet, "If you don't say it, I won't embarrass you, and I won't give up my expectations of you." Qinxin raised her eyes, and she knew that this was the tolerance of Master Mo. Then she smiled and said firmly, "Master Mo, it's not that I don't want to say it. I'm just thinking about where to start. But now I'm thinking about it. Let's start with the meeting of courage and righteousness." "A meeting of courage and righteousness!" Mo Shifu muddy pupil eyes in a moment of light, Qinxin suspicious meal, but see Mo Shifu impatiently asked: "You … …" Know the meeting of the brave?! Rong Qinxin nodded and said, "That's right.." …… ………… In the next more than an hour, Rong Qinxin told all about the scene of Wang Liansheng and her connection with Lin Zuoyan at the meeting of bravery and righteousness. She apologized emphatically, explaining that she did not intend not to come to the appointment, but that she had been involved in an unexpected wave. Master Mo was surprised, and when Qinxin finished the last word, he breathed an unusual sigh of relief. "Ah.." "Master Mo?" Things in the world are really wonderful. I once said that I hoped you could show your skills at the greediest gambling table in Shanghai. Unexpectedly, you realized it so quickly. In fact, plastic pallet manufacturer ,mobile garbage bin, I should have been happy, but now I don't know why I'm worried. Master Mo lost his mind for a moment and looked at him in a daze. I took a fancy to your peerless talent at first, but now I appreciate your kindness more. Unexpectedly, you dare to love and hate, and you are so merciful that you let Wang Liansheng go. Qinxin a meal, originally refers to the matter of Wang Liansheng, she thought about a pat, calmly said: "Indeed, although I hate him, but simply can not kill him.". Little Yucui loves him, Aunt Su loves him, he is entrusted with the love of two people, how can I do it? Master Mo smiled unexpectedly: "I don't know whether to say you are merciful or stupid." Qinxin was confused. Little Yucui's death, you still can't learn a lesson. Wang Liansheng is not a good man at all. Can you distinguish the nature of people, what kind of people will repent, what kind of people will only make mistakes again and again? It is merciful to forgive those who repent, and it is foolish to forgive those who are unpardonable. Rong Qinxin listened to the surprise, she never thought, she let go of Wang Liansheng what is wrong, more do not feel that he is ignorant. Master Mo saw Qinxin's palpitation and went on to say, "Qinxin, you have never really thought about the original face of the world. You said that I taught you a unique skill. Do you dare to kill people?" I was speechless and lost. No, you wouldn't dare! With certainty, Master Mo's eyes became sharp. In fact, with your gift, I can teach you in those months, have been full of money, but now you are still just a skin, is a coward. Coward..? As soon as Qin Xin's heart tightened, he raised his eyes to Master Mo's unfathomable eyes and turned around. Qin Xin felt humiliated and retorted, "People say that sparing a man's life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. I don't want to kill people. I'm a coward!"? Besides, fighting and killing is not my last wish. I followed Master Mo to learn from you in order to protect myself from others. I didn't want to take anyone's life. At the beginning, I also agreed with you. Rong Qinxin did not agree with Master Mo's words, she only felt that what she wanted was just quiet survival, not ups and downs, as long as she felt at ease. Master Mo gazed at Qinxin and hesitated for a moment, then he raised his sleeve. Rong Qinxin looked down and found something falling out of his cuff. He fixed his eyes on it and saw that it was two blades. This "Girl, I can't change your mind, but I'll give you this." Master Mo gathered up the blade and gave it to Qinxin. These are two identical half-moon blades, exquisite and small, the handle is black, and the blade is thick black gold under the light. It looks mediocre, but it is introverted and sharp, and Qinxin knows that it is a treasure. Girl, because we have no moves, the opportunity is only once,plastic trash bins, a good weapon is the key to survival. These two swords have been with me for more than thirty years, stained with the blood of countless people, and also wrapped up the people who cast them. 。
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