The Barbaric King of Online Games

After the death of both the knight and the mage, Chu Zhong determined that the priest's level must be less than 50, because the first reaction of a normal level 50 priest seeing T fall to the ground should be to pull it up, while the halfling priest who had been brushing blood for the knight stepped back a few steps after finding the knight fell to the ground and ran out of the right attack distance of the monster. After two teammates died one after another, there were actually three ways for the players of the three order camps to run away, continue to kill, and then wait for the knight to come back and revive. If you run away, the faster hunter and the priest who has no hatred foundation should be easier to survive, but the mage who has a deep hatred must be thrown here, if you continue to kill them, the risk of their current staffing is quite high, there is no T to carry BOSS, three people can only rely on the freezing effect of the water method to control the speed of the monster. But it is very difficult to control four monsters at the same time only by the BUFF effect of one mage. Once the mage can't release the group method or the freezing effect is saved by the monster, it will be a dead end in the end. It's a good choice to drag the dead teammates back to revive. It's hard to kill BOSS with the control ability of hunters and mages, but it shouldn't be a big problem to control it for a while. From a bystander's point of view, it is easy for Chu Zhong to analyze that delaying time is the best choice,wholesale plastic pallet, but in many cases, if it is not about himself, it will be chaotic. The authorities are often unable to consider the problem with a bystander's mentality. After watching his teammates hang up, several order camp players choose to attack BOSS irrationally. Seeing the bear summoned by the hunter rushing towards BOSS, Mr. Chu could not help sighing, "Impulse is the devil." This brother heart said that if you are a pet hunter to summon a defense baby to go up and install B,collapsible bulk container, we will not say anything (in fact, some pet hunters cultivate a good defense baby's blood defense is not much worse than the tank profession), but you are an old broken trap hunter, the whole bear blind man has a fart to go up, this is not waiting for BOSS abuse. It turned out that Mr. Chu's guess was completely correct. The hunter's bear turned into a poor little corpse after only two rounds of fighting with BOSS, and then BOSS led several of his men to launch an encirclement and suppression campaign against the remaining opponents. The wizard tried his best to kill three Xiaoguai but was caught up with the BOSS, and the priest who did not escape in time was immediately cut by the BOSS, and the last remaining hunter Comrade was in the pursuit of the BOSS to escape successfully, but this brother's luck is really not good, when he ran, he turned his head and looked at BOSS behind him. Completely did not care about the environment in front of him, plastic wheelie bins ,plastic pallet supplier, the result just out of the wolf's den and into the tiger's mouth, accidentally plunged into the array of a group of abyss bone-eating demons, with white for the abyss bone-eating demons to add a snack. It's a good opportunity When the hunter died, Chu Zhong was so excited that he immediately realized that his chance had come, so he rushed out of the jungle and threw another observation on BOSS's head. Demon Leader Poir (Demon Department, Quasi-BOSS) Rating: 53 Qi and blood: 70000 of 1745743. BOSS in the five order camp players under the attack only less than half of the blood, this is really a golden opportunity for Chu Zhong! "Don't take advantage of a bastard!" Chu Zhong roared at the fastest speed to himself on the rock war roar, then in the running feet into the air, a two-handed spin split directly on the head of BOSS! 3456! 12682! Chu Zhong was startled by a huge five-digit number floating up. He basically didn't need to kill monsters himself when he was in the ruins before. Therefore, Chu Zhong didn't understand the actual combat effect of Li Feng Tomahawk. Now this first shot unexpectedly hit tens of thousands of damage, but also on a quasi-BOSS of more than 50 levels. Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 99 profit or loss? Seeing Li Feng Tomahawk, Chu Zhong was full of confidence in single BOSS. A series of skills, such as two giant axes dancing in the hands of this fellow, such as giant chop, cross chop and whirlwind strike, greeted BOSS on his head. In fact, Chu Zhong found that the attack of this BOSS was actually very ordinary. Under the protection of more than four thousand powerful defenses, Poir's ordinary attack can take away about five hundred damage from Chu Zhong, and even with the use of skills, the damage value will never exceed one thousand. This level of attack makes Chu Zhong completely unnecessary to worry about life, so this fellow in the desperate output at the same time, the corner of the eye kept sweeping to the right 20 meters away from the place where the priest hung up. The priest dropped something. After killing BOSS, go over and see what he dropped. Mr. Chu watched the priest's body shining, his face can not help but show a wretched smile, kill a task BOSS and items to pick up, Mr. Chu felt that the world is too beautiful. Sometimes, Chu Zhong has to admit that he is a very strange character. When he was a soldier, people often came to him with six or seven figure checks to ask him to help with some trivial things, but Chu Zhong's answer is often only one word-get out! As for money, he basically maintains a dismissive attitude towards luxury goods that can make ordinary people's eyes burn, but in the game, every time he gets a piece of equipment, a bottle of medicine, or even a silver coin, he will have a very happy feeling. Just like now, when he saw something shining on the priest's body, Mr. Chu's mood was actually quite HAPPY,euro plastic pallet, but unfortunately this good mood did not last forever. Chu Zhong has always believed that the happiest and most exciting moment of playing games is not the moment when he works with his teammates to push BOSS in the copy, nor the moment when he cuts off one opponent after another in the battlefield, but the moment when BOSS picks up things from them after killing his opponents.
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