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"No taste?"? Can't you eat something salty? Chi Ming tilted his head to think about it and handed the Shaomai in his hand to Baba Huo, "You eat another mouthful of the Shaomai skin on it." Baba Huo obediently took a bite, and sure enough, he didn't vomit. Baba Huo reluctantly looked at the remaining meat in his hand and watched Chi Ming throw it into his mouth. Then Chi Ming continued to let Baba Huo eat Shaomai skin, and he ate Shaomai meat. An aunt on one side could not bear to look at it and felt that the boy could bully his sister too much. Why don't you give in to your sister as a brother? What's enough to give your sister a bite of dough? Do you give me some meat? You see how greedy your sister is? "Auntie, it's not that I don't let her eat, it's that she can't eat, she vomits when she eats!" Chi Ming was also stared at by Baba Huo, but this girl did not know what was wrong, suddenly can not eat with salty things, what can he do? "Vomiting as soon as you eat?"? If she really vomits, can she be greedy? Although the aunt was called "aunt" in her heart, she didn't believe a word of Chi Ming's words. Ask her if you don't believe me. "Do you want to eat meat, girl?" Aunt gave Chi Ming a white look and turned to look at Baba Huo with a smile and asked. Think Baba Huo nodded quickly. Look, look, look! The aunt looked at Chi Ming and turned her head and continued to ask, "Would you like my brother to give you Shaomai to eat?" "Not good." Baba Huo really wants to eat meat,plastic bulk containers, but she vomits after eating this Shaomai, so don't waste food. Aunt is stupefied, wanted to say again: "The bread in that Shaomai is meat, can be delicious!" "I can't eat." Baba Huo's mouth pouted unconsciously, and tears began to roll in his eyes. Ouch! Look at your grievance, why can't you eat it? If you ask your brother for it directly, he will definitely give it to you! As soon as the aunt saw Baba Huo's aggrieved little appearance,collapsible pallet box, she was so distressed that she quickly picked up Baba Huo to comfort her. I vomit when I eat. Baba Huo was held in her arms by the aunt, temporarily forgetting the meat, she was not used to being so close to people, not to mention that this is an alien human, "can I come down?" "Huh?"? Ok The aunt did not think that what Chi Ming said was true. She smiled awkwardly at Chi Ming and put Baba Huo down. Chi Ming had a stomachache when Baba Huo stared at him. After he ate Shaomai, he didn't touch the meatballs again, so he sat there with Baba Huo. Can your sister eat apples? Aunt just blamed Chi Ming by mistake. She was embarrassed all the time. Remembering that she had a few apples in her pocket, she decided to ask Baba Huo if she could eat them. She.. "What is an apple?" Hearing the food, Baba Huo's eyes lit up and he asked quickly. Your sister hasn't eaten an apple? Aunt some doubts, now every family has a good life, basically can eat fruit, how this girl did not even eat the cheapest apple? "Oh, plastic pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, my sister doesn't like apples since she was a child, so she hasn't bought any more at home. I guess she's forgotten what an apple is." Chi Ming smiled awkwardly and pulled a panic full of loopholes. Oh! Aunt just asked casually, and did not think about Chi Ming's words, she took out two apples from her pocket and handed them to Chi Ming, "She may like to eat now, you give her a taste." "This.." Chi Ming hesitated, but Baba Huo pulled his pants beside him, "Thank you, aunt." If it were Chi Ming himself, he would certainly not want other people's apples, but Baba Huo has eaten a few mouthfuls of dough since morning, and it will be a while before she gets off the boat. She must be hungry. Xiao Huo, thank aunt quickly. "Thank you, aunt!" Baba Huo didn't smell the apple, but she was so hungry now that she could fill her stomach. You try a little bite first. Chi Ming glanced at the aunt who began to chat with others and whispered. Uh Baba Huo understood what Chi Ming meant. She did not reach out to take the apple, but took a small bite directly from Chi Ming's hand. Chi Ming took a plastic bag to catch the apple that Baba Huo spit out, but this time Baba Huo didn't spit out. Although Baba Huo felt that the taste of apples was far from meat, she was so hungry now that she was very happy not to vomit! Baba took the apple and nibbled it like a hamster, and the flesh disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye. Baba Huo finished eating the apple in his hand, Chi Ming gave her the other one, Chi Ming looked at the speed of eating Baba Huo, suddenly a flash of inspiration in his mind. You can't eat too much oil! Baba Huo looked at Chi Ming doubtfully, not understanding what he was saying. You can't eat a piece of meat or something. Chi Ming saw that Baba Huo did not understand, scratched his head and explained. Baba Huo action a meal, the heart missed a beat, she can not eat meat? How can that work? How delicious is the meat? Why can't she eat meat? Two people got off the boat, Chi Ming began to inquire about how many buses to take to Ningshan District, and when they found the bus stop, Chi Ming led Baba Huo to the side of the noodle shop to eat vegetarian! "Boss, two bowls of plain noodles!" "All right, wait a minute!" Baba Huo sat there listlessly, feeling that her whole life was gloomy at the thought of having no meat to eat. Don't worry, when we find my father, we'll go to see a doctor, cure the disease, and you'll be able to eat meat again! "See a doctor?"? Can I cure this disease? Baba Huo's eyes lit up. Uh. It should be curable. Chi Ming's eyes wandered, nodded, and said. With hope, Baba Huo's spirit was much better. She ate four bowls of plain noodles before patting her stomach to show that she was full. They got on the bus and wandered for more than an hour to get there. Chi Ming looked at the dozens of buildings in front of him and did not know where to go. His mother only told him that his father lived in Ningshan District, but did not say which building it was. What's the matter? Baba Huo saw Chi Ming motionless for a long time,foldable bulk container, raised his head and asked doubtfully. It's all right. Let's go and ask for directions. Chi Ming pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled, leading Baba Huo to the small shop at the corner of the street. Aunt, do you know where Chi Jianlin lives? Chi Ming saw that the proprietress of the small shop was idle and hurried forward to ask. Chi Jianlin? Who's that? I don't know this man. The landlady shook her head to show that she did not know.
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