God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

It was a punch that he offered with all his strength. The space of the ten directions of the terror fist collapsed, and cracks appeared on the surface of the Zhan family, which made all the Zhan family's faces change greatly. They were all shocked by such terror fists. Even if is the nirvana realm level Zhan family Lao Zu also is the expression suddenly changes, hurriedly makes a move to resist, the same fist meets. Bang! The two fists collided in a twinkling of an eye, and the space around the two fists collapsed again. Then, there was another startled sound, Zhan Laozu was shaken back, cracks appeared in his fist, and blood fell into the void. Such a scene, makes Zhan family all people change color again, pure physical collision, their clan's nirvana Lao Zu unexpectedly defeated, was only realized the true level of Lin Tian to retreat and break the fist. This The Zhan family was shocked. Zhan's ancestor also changed color. He heard in the rumor that Lin Tian's body was terrible. At that time, the ancestors of Anlan's family had suffered losses, so they did not retain the strength of their fists, but even so, they still suffered a great loss. Keng! Sword clank, Lin Tian expression indifferent, start again, this time,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, enough hundreds of Lingtian Sword Mang rushed out of his body, quickly toward Zhan Laozu cut, powerful Jianwei town sealed every space around Zhan Laozu. Zhan Laozu's face was livid, and he smashed all the Lingtian Jian Gang hit by Lin Tian with one hand. He glanced at Wu Yi in the distance and then looked at Lin Tian. Knowing that Lin Tian would not give up today in any case, he immediately let out a low roar. The divine light outside his body was boiling, and several rules of the road were offered together. His eyes were even more ferocious and vicious: "Since you have to attack my Zhan family, you should die first!" With a bang, he went all out to kill Lin Tian with infinite divine light. Chapter 1038 the destruction of the Zhan family. Violent divine energy interweaves,Flush Retrofit Kit, several kinds of road rules surge together, Zhan family ancestor sacrifice with all his strength, straight to block the space of hundreds of feet, do not give Lin Tian the slightest chance to dodge, to kill Lin Tian in one blow. Such fluctuations were so terrible that Lin Tian, who had reached the eighth level of enlightenment, felt tremendous pressure in an instant. However, his expression was unchanged at all, and his left hand shook to swallow the elixir in his hand. Boom! Suddenly, the breath outside his body suddenly rose, like an active volcano that had been silent for hundreds of thousands of years, and the terrible fluctuation shocked the whole Zhan family. Zhan Laozu happened to kill Lin Tian at this time, and his face changed greatly in an instant. This breath made him feel a deep powerlessness in Nirvana: "You.." Without the slightest superfluous words, Lin Tian raised his right hand and pressed it down with one punch. This time, he just threw a punch at random, Time Delay Faucet ,Manual Flush Valve, but the consequences were terrible. For the first time, he tore up the infinite killing light offered by Zhan's ancestors. Then, the terrible power of the fist shattered Zhan's ancestors in a twinkling of an eye. Lao Zu! The head of the Zhan family and others all changed color. At the same time, the ordinary children of the Zhan family were also horrified. The Nirvana ancestor of their clan was blown up by a random punch in the case of full strength. He Why did his breath suddenly soar so much?! A crowd of people panicked. Far away in the sky, the five-element crocodile sighed: "It's really terrible for this boy to swallow Tongzhi Shendan to enhance his strength ten times in all aspects with the cultivation of Wuzhen Eight Heavens. This breath.." Tut! "Big Brother is so awesome!" Little Ai pulled her little fist. No clothes, as always, is very quiet, like a spring without waves. Ah There was a roar and roar in Zhan's house. Zhan's ancestor reorganized his body in the blink of an eye and stared at Lin Tian in surprise and anger. You Staring at Lin Tian at this time, Zhan Laozu's heart trembled a little. The breath on Lin Tian's body suddenly soared too much. At this time, it was much stronger than him, which made his back cold and his internal organs tremble. Lin Tian's facial expression remains unchanged. A person in the realm of Nirvana cannot compete with his cultivation of the Eight Heavens. However, if he swallows an elixir at the moment, it will be different. Now, his strength in divine consciousness, physique, divine power, spirit, speed and other aspects has increased tenfold at the same time. The ancestor of the Zhan family at the level of Nirvana is already fragile and pitiful in his eyes. He looked at Zhan Laozu, his left hand flashed, and the immortal killing bow of the holy soldier level immediately emerged, and the holy power rolled and spread. Here, Saint.. Holy Soldier! The Zhan family changed color again. Zhan Laozu also trembled and stared at Lin Tian: "You, you want to do..." "Hum!" Lin Tian pulled the bowstring directly, and the more horrible holy power came out, interrupting the words of Zhan's ancestor in an instant. All of a sudden, the ten spirits surged in, and with his golden power, they poured into the holy bow, and in a twinkling of an eye, they condensed a brilliant holy arrow to the extreme. The end of the arrow was aimed straight at the ancestor of the Zhan family. Zhan Laozu's face changed miserably in an instant. Facing the holy arrow aimed at him, the threat of death drowned it in the blink of an eye like the tide: "Little friend, please stay.." "Send you on your way." Lin Tian said indifferently, interrupting Zhan Lao Zu's words again, and then pulling the right hand of the bowstring straight away. Suddenly, with a loud bang, the bright arrow flew out, like a meteor running through the sky. It was extremely fast and powerful. It ran through the chest of Zhan Laozu with a sound of poof. Then it dragged the body of the other side and flew out more than a thousand feet in the distance. It exploded with a sound of poof, and the soul in the body also collapsed. In an instant, Zhan's house became dead and silent. Later, it was not until after several breaths that the elders of the Zhan family and the head of the Zhan family reacted. Lao Zu! The big shots of the Zhan family are frightened. The ancestor of their clan, a strong man of Nirvana level, was killed by an arrow. They stared at the distance and looked at Lin Tian, all trembling, and then trembling even more. Little, little friend.. Spare my life! Forgive me! "Little friend show mercy!" "Leave us alone!" The big shots of the Zhan family begged for mercy in fear. Lin Tian's expression is indifferent: "You kill me, I kill you, fair and reasonable, want to live,Self-closing Shower Valve, defeat me on the line." He stood where he was, motionless, with divine light and terrible breath outside his body. cnkexin.com
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