Cloud Drunken Moon Sleeping

"Yes." The little boy spoke before the night wind again. Then he jumped into the carriage and motioned for me to come up. Why are you in the car with me? You go down and let the night wind come up. I jumped into the carriage and looked at the little boy staring at my face and laughing, and as I spoke, I kicked him. You want me to give you a ride? No way! He turned his head to one side, pulled a short table on the side, blocked me and him, and also blocked my kicking attack. He's your senior fellow apprentice. How dare you! I gave him a white look, but he ignored me, reached out and took out a small medicine bottle from his bosom, poured a medicine and handed it to me. I gave him a suspicious look and asked, "Poison?" "I'm a miracle doctor. I only save people, not kill people!" He said loudly, as if he were angry. Miraculous doctor? I looked at the person in front of me and looked down at the medicine in my hand, a little dumbfounded. Eat, so many words! As soon as he finished, he lifted my hand, grabbed my chin with the other hand, and somehow, the pill slipped into my throat. I pointed at him and coughed, "You …" You This kid is not reliable? Are you sure the medicine is not poison? I didn't think about it for a long time,Concealed Flush Valve, then I felt my head gradually sank, and my eyes were half closed and half open. When my brain was still awake, I heard the man opposite saying: "What kind of person, who should have fainted and fainted long ago, but was still full of vigor and vitality, and said it was a woman.." When I woke up, I found myself lying on a wooden bed,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, my eyes rolling around, a cabin, pure original ecology, green and environmental protection. When I got up, I felt refreshed, but I was a little hungry. Touching his stomach, he climbed out of bed and opened the door to look for someone, but no one was seen. Hey, where is the little child of Yefeng and Ruochen? With my keen sense of smell, I finally found the kitchen, and my God, there was a chicken stewed in the pot! This is obviously carefully prepared for me. It's so touching. I took a plate at random, grabbed the exposed bones of two chicken legs with hot hands, Prison toilet for sale ,Service Sink Faucets, carried the whole chicken to the plate, and then sat at the door holding the plate while eating the chicken and waiting for someone to come back. Although I can't tell which side is east and which side is west, I know it's almost dusk by the feeling of the sun. I didn't eat anything for almost a whole day yesterday, and today was the first meal. I didn't starve to death. Amitabha, how dare I pick and choose like before? The chicken skin doesn't feel sick, and the chicken breast doesn't feel dry. Today, I didn't waste anything on this headless chicken. I even smashed the chicken bones carefully. Then I licked my fingers and burped. Decided to get up and fill a bowl of chicken soup to nourish the body and moisten the mouth. A shadow flashed and the plate in my hand disappeared. I looked up in surprise and saw Ruochen staring at the plate in his hand. There was a pile of broken chicken bones on it. His whole face collapsed. Then he looked up suddenly and shouted in disbelief: "Did you eat up a whole chicken by yourself?"? Still eating so clean? I looked at his exaggerated expression strangely and nodded honestly. You ate all the chicken and didn't leave any for us, so what do we eat? How can you eat so much as a woman? He ran in, peered into the pot, holding the plate in one hand and pointing at me in the other. I licked my fingers again, walked slowly to the pot, looked inside, and said innocently, "This chicken is not big. I haven't eaten anything for a day. It's strange that I can't finish it.". When I woke up, I didn't see anyone. I thought the chicken was specially left for me by you, and I left chicken soup for you. This is the essence. "You!" As soon as he threw the plate, he left in a huff. I blinked a few times at his back. Then I took a bowl of chicken soup and drank it contentedly. At the same time, I felt a little guilty and thought: It seems to be a little unkind. Why didn't I think of leaving two pieces when I was hungry when I was eating chicken just now? Even if it's just two paws or a neck or something, it's better than now. "Night Wind!" As soon as I saw the person coming, I hurried up to meet him, and by the way, I gave him a free big smiling face. The corner of the boy's mouth was barely visible. "Are you awake?" He asked. I nodded my head like a chicken pecking at rice. Then I smiled obsequiously and asked, "Is the night wind hungry?"? Let's eat, there is chicken soup! The chicken has been eaten up by you alone, and you have the nerve to say that there is chicken soup? Where else did you get the meal? Did you cook? The little boy came out of nowhere and always made a sound when he shouldn't have spoken. My smile froze on my face and I said shyly, "Saya, I'm so hungry. I'm sorry." "Childe, if the dust is not sensible, I hope you don't take it amiss." The night breeze said to me respectfully, then turned around and scolded the little boy lightly, "How can you be so ignorant of the rules?" The little boy curled his lips and tried to resist, but finally said nothing. I couldn't help but chuckle. It seemed that the little boy was still listening to the words of the night wind! "Night Wind, I said you don't have to be too polite in front of me. Besides, Ruochen is still a child. Don't be too strict with him." What I said was particularly kind and gentle, and I was satisfied to see that the little boy's face was obviously pumping a few times, his mouth moved a few times, and finally he said, "I'm going to prepare the meal" and disappeared. Saya, where is this? How is Wangzhou? And Big Brother is here too? Didn't he go back to his country? I asked N questions at once, and then looked at the night wind expectantly. This is Lianzhou, from Wangzhou has been a little far away, the master is coming,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Wangzhou side of the war master confessed that childe don't worry. I curled my lips with a little disappointment. What do you mean I don't have to worry? At least he is a hero. Why do I have nothing to do all of a sudden? Even the heart also need not bear, ah, that is not to start boring again!.
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