The sorcerer crossed the market

[Gang] Bad temper: Xiaowu, here I come! [Gang] Charm Dance of the Night: No, you're late! Missed the show! [Gang] Bad temper: Oh? What is it?! [Gang] Night Charm Dance: Brother Xiao and a 76 sacrifice PK in the arena, the result evolved into a live version of S`M!!! [Gang] Bad temper: (⊙ V ⊙) ~ What ~ [Gang] Charm Dance of the Night: The player is called Sunset Like Blood, Ao Ao Ao ~ Brother Xiao is now refreshed and said. [Gang] Bad temper: (⊙ _ ⊙) [Gang] Breaking Dawn: Xiaowu, you are very energetic. [Gang] Li Zhishuguang: Xiaowu. [Gang] Charm Dance of the Night: What's going on? Boss, brother Xiao [Gang] Li Zhishuguang: I can let you in now. [Gang] Night Charm Dance: Cough, what are you looking at? S`M? [Gang] Bad temper:.. [Gang] Breaking Dawn:.. Xiaowu, you are finished. [Gang] Night Charm Dance: I.. After coming out of the arena, everyone did what they had to do. Dawn returned to his house with Li Zhishuguang and trotted all the way to the backyard to collect the newly ripe fruits and medicinal herbs. There is no limit to the life skills of matchless, but the money needed for each upgrade is not low, so there are not many players with many life skills. Breaking Dawn is not interested in synthetic equipment or anything, although the trumpet will hang mining,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but these things are her brother's life number. Among her life skills, the best one she has learned is cooking. The top level of life skills is level 12. Her cooking has reached level 12 and is nearing the end. Harvest what you planted in the backyard and sprinkle new ones. Only then did she remember that Li's dawn seemed to have not contacted her since she came out of the arena. Click on the couple's teleportation skills, but the system pops up a prompt that the other party is in a special scene. Looking at the information of Li Zhishuguang, I found that the man was still in the arena. By the way, I took a look at the sunset like blood,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, and they were in the same arena room. Really, these two people went to PK? Yang Weile muttered to himself. B sweat, can't be Gu Li also want to S`M a sunset like blood. [Li's Dawn] says to you: Breaking Dawn. You say to [Li Zhi Shuguang]: Huh? I am here. [Li Zhishuguang] says to you: Can you come this Saturday? You say to [Li Zhishuguang]: Well, at 1:30 in the afternoon, at the east gate of C school. [Li Zhi Shuguang] says to you: … I just had a PK with Sunset Like Blood. You say to [Li Zhi Shuguang]: Ah! He didn't do anything to you? [Li Zhi Shuguang] says to you: … Why don't you have confidence in me? You say to [Li Zhishuguang]: Er.. I think his character is very difficult to deal with. He buckled the blood and made up for it. If he had been beaten just now, I would not have killed him. [Li Zhi Shuguang] says to you: Well, unless the group kills. Let's have a new meeting during the city war and the gang war. You say to [Li Zhi Shuguang]: OK. [Li Zhi Shuguang] says to you: Breaking Dawn, watch the trumpet later. You say to [Li Zhishuguang]: En? OK It was not long before such a sentence came out of the world. [Trumpet] The setting sun is like blood: Dawn of Li, wait until I'm at the same level as you! [Trumpet] Li Zhishuguang: ∩ _ ∩, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, OK. [Trumpet] The setting sun is like blood: Dawn, when we are intimate, let's get married! [Trumpet] The setting sun is like blood: Dawn, when we are intimate, let's get married! [Trumpet] The setting sun is like blood: Dawn, when we are intimate, let's get married! [Trumpet] Li Zhishuguang:.. You will never have a day when you are full of intimacy. [Trumpet] Sunset Like Blood: Oh? [Trumpet] Li Zhishuguang: Do you think Breaking Dawn will be with you for 365 days? The intimacy of more than forty thousand yuan was calculated by him. Twenty thousand to get married, twenty thousand to get a license. In matchless, intimacy can only be increased when friends and teams are formed. Of course, if two people just stand there in a team state, it will not increase intimacy. Unless they are together every day, it is possible to achieve that intimacy. It is impossible for them to increase their intimacy to forty thousand, but we can not rule out the possibility that they will become happy enemies with the blood of the sunset. So He wants to kill this possibility as soon as possible. The author has something to say:-_-My jade is broken. Save the manuscript, save the manuscript. The bobbins are bubbling ~ ~ ~ not bubbling whip! Chapter 25 Saturday After Yang Weile quit the game, she thought that the only person who could discuss Saturday with him was her brother. I don't know what happened recently, and no one answered the phone when I called home. Helplessly, Yang Weile had to call Piao Qiao's mobile phone number, and this call took two days to get through. Brother, I'll meet Gu Li this Saturday, and you.. Uh, where are you now? Park Qiao's voice was hesitant, and his voice was very light. I'm at a friend's house. "Huh?" Yang Weile scratched his head. "Brother, do you have a cold?" "Well, a little." Are you going to meet Gu Li? Have you agreed? The voice of Piao Qiao coughing lightly came from the phone, and Yang Weile made a long story short, "I decided to have a showdown with him." I hope he doesn't get angry. Piao Qiao was silent for a few minutes, until Yang Weile almost thought the other party had hung up the phone, Piao Qiao's voice came from the other end of the phone. I see. What's the situation? Give me a short message. I'm not at home these days. "Huh?"? Oh, I see. Why is my brother absent-minded? She wanted to rely on him for advice. Then I'll hang up first. "Ah, brother, you wait." Words have not yet ended,stainless steel shower tray, the phone'Ka 'hung up, Yang Weile inexplicably blinked. Boy, which friend made her brother so anxious? Women need to dress up when they go out.
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