Cloud Drunken Moon Sleeping

Wait a minute, I suddenly panicked. If my notes are not wrong, the fox is going to carry me to his bedroom. My God, my God, I have a bad feeling. Does the fox want to execute me on the spot? Alas, could it be that the previous "half-gentleman and half-lady-killer" were all disguised? "What do you want, Your Majesty?" Sure enough, the fox carried me into his bedroom, because I saw the dragon bed that I had met once. There was no one in the bedroom, no palace maid, no eunuch, but Li Fu still followed. The fox did not say a word, so I had to open my mouth when I was in a hurry. As soon as I opened my mouth, I consciously changed my address to "Emperor". You wait outside and let someone prepare dinner. The fox looked at me with a smile in his eyes and turned to Li Fu. Li Fu was ordered to step down. He hasn't even looked up from the beginning, but I know he must have seen me. Big brother, why are you carrying me here? The fox finally put me down, and as soon as my feet touched the ground, I retreated to a safe distance, my hands around my chest, and looked at the fox warily. Although I kissed, hugged, and slept in the same bed, I was still a little afraid when I thought that the fox might eat me up here,Time Delay Tap, and I was not ready for a while! The fox smiled so lasciviously that he suddenly deceived me. His peach blossom eyes were as bright as stars in an instant. He stared at me closely and looked at me from top to bottom. Then he stretched out one hand to hold me and the other hand to touch my face. His tone was particularly ambiguous: "In the bedroom, what else can I do?" 555, is the fox really going to spring? My face could not help burning up, my body was a little weak, and my tongue began to tie: "Big.." Brother, you.. Don't be impulsive. Impulse? It seems that Shallow and Big Brother have thought of going together. The fox chuckled, bent down, and pressed his lips to mine before I could react. His tongue traced the line of my lips and nibbled my lips gently with his teeth, which made my heart tingle. Too late to refuse,stainless steel squatting pan, his tongue slipped into my mouth skillfully, entangled and played with my tongue, if there was an electric current running through my whole body in an instant, I lost the ability to think, and could only fly with the feeling of dizziness and sweetness. The fox left my lips with a slight gasp and couldn't help pecking a few times. I looked at the fox with drunk and misty eyes. I didn't know where I was at all for a while. After biting my lips for a long time, I found that my hands had been around the fox's neck, and the whole person was soft hanging on his body. Not only is the face, as if the whole person is burning in general, looking at the fox slightly drunk look, I was possessed of the general light called "Big Brother", the words out of the mouth and found that his voice seemed to have a dull lust. The soft, cool lips of the fox clung to mine again, warmer and more touching than before. I could feel the changes in his body, as well as more and more disordered breathing, I was three points of confusion, three points of nervousness, push button toilet flush valve ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, three points of fear and a little inexplicable expectation, my heart was pounding loudly, and my lips could not help overflowing with an almost inaudible moan. The fox suddenly left my lips and hugged me tightly in his arms. My whole body was soft, and my head rested on his heaving chest, trying to regain my reason and calm my breathing. No, no, if it goes on like this, it will really be eaten up and wiped clean, and there will be no will to resist. Shallow. The fox hugged him more tightly, and I could feel him trying to calm his passion. After a while, he said over my head, "When this war is over, you will be the queen of Longyao, my only wife." I suddenly looked up at the fox, his eyes are serious, firm, affectionate, persistent. Is this a confession? Is this a proposal? It seems to be a million miles away from the romantic scenes and dialogues in my imagination, but why do I feel full of happiness, joy and touching, and can't help nodding. Without waiting for me to answer, the fox walked forward with me in his arms and passed through the room. Behind it was a bath, ten meters square and steaming. "Take a bath?" I am dumbfounded, although this matter is very tempting to me, it seems that I have not had a good bath for a long time, but the fox will not want to take a bath with me, right? "It should be called a Mandarin duck bath!" The fox smiled with a narrow face, and even his voice was playful. I wish I could slap that jealous face into a pie shape, but when I think of being in someone else's territory now, I have to gnash my teeth and hold back: "Men and women are not close to each other!" I glanced at him, jumped out of his arms, ran to the edge of the bath, and tested the water temperature with my hand. The temperature is moderate, if only it was covered with petals, heh heh. Shallow wash first, this is hot spring water, do not worry about cold water. If you miss your eldest brother, call out, I'm waiting outside. He lifted me from the bath and led me to the other side, where there was a soft couch on which a suit of clothes and dried silk were neatly placed. Then he kissed me again and turned to walk in the direction he had come. Wait I couldn't help calling out to the fox. Shallow so quickly think of eldest brother, hey, it seems that eldest brother tonight can not escape. The fox stopped and turned to me with a bad smile on his face, but his voice seemed to be very regretful. Stop! Stop! Don't come any closer. It's none of your business. I just want to make sure of one thing. I quickly stepped back, pointed at the fox and shouted. What do you want to be sure of? "The fox really stood there and looked at me with his hands around his chest." "Well," I asked nervously as I swallowed, "you're not going to peek, are you?" "Peep?" The fox's peach blossom eyes half narrowed and stood there looking at me carefully. I nodded my head like a chicken pecking rice. Xi Lan such a false fairy peep at it, and see more than once, how to look at the fox seems to be more impure than Xi Lan ah. Shallow. The fox suddenly came to me and looked at me carefully, with doubts in his eyes and inquiries on his face. I couldn't help shivering. Oh, it's too much to ask. People like foxes, since they let me wash first,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, won't peep at them. If they want to feast their eyes on them, they will throw me into the water despite my opposition, and then they won't leave.
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