Who taught the white horse to step on the dream boat?

Song Fei Liang and the general, probably encountered the arrival of the imperial edict, the princess disaster star appeared. So, for two days in a row, no one was seen. As of today, I saw General Shi once, on a snowy night, and saw Song Feiliang zero times. I heard the girl beside me say that Miss Song had come to visit her, but at that time I was already asleep, afraid of disturbing, and did not inform her. Now I was carried into the General's Office, although I had no worries about food and clothing, and Miss Song also sent a little girl to take care of me all the time, beautiful clothes were sent to meet me, who had been covered with dust for many days, bathing and replacing. But I always felt as if I had been forgotten, and I was so out of place with everything here. So I have to find something that looks more boring than me to comfort my heart. In this way, I turned around and around until I found those idle pigs in the pigsty. I was so happy. So he patted the old man who was looking at me doubtfully and praised him, "Old man, you are really born to raise pigs!"! With that, I left. Because I found that the old man looked at me as if he were looking at a pure fool. But then again, in the General's Office, there seem to be only two careers that are more promising, one is to be a general, and the other is to be a pig farmer! The old man's dress is absolutely nouveau riche! Wearing the whole body, that is called a style. When I had nothing to do, I continued to walk. Finally,Self-closing Faucet, unexpectedly turned into another courtyard! Small bridges and flowing water are frozen in the snow, and although the willows are not blue, they are still as elegant as young girls. This place is really beautiful and different from any place in the General Palace. While I was enjoying the picturesque scenery, I was attracted by the intermittent, melodious and moving ensemble of the harp and lyre. A pot of fire is burning lightly, the hot air is curling up, the sandalwood is dotted in the room, and on the painting screen, a few plum blossoms are embroidered. A woman in red reclined on the warm couch, her hair scattered,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, her hands lazy, stroked the strings, and turned back to the man in white who was staring at the plum trees, smiling. The man in white also looked back, and between his eyes, the feeling of tranquility was all there. Hand plucking plum blossom branches, reaching out, gently brushing the strings of the woman in red, suddenly, playing the sound of running water. At that moment, the plum tip in her hand seemed to open between the eyebrows of the woman in red, which made her look more and more beautiful. In this way, the sound of the piano, under the lazy coming and going of the two of them, is leisurely like flowing clouds and slowly like flowing water. In the eyes of outsiders, what a pair of immortals. I am also full of envy. It turns out that the poem "a beautiful woman in red and a friend in white, singing together in the morning and drinking together in the evening", which has been passed on outside, is really a true portrayal of the leisurely life of Shi Xiaoran and Song Feiliang. At that moment, Flushometer valve ,Flush valve price, he must have said to her, if the country did not fight and the people did not suffer, how I wish I could live with you forever. Shi Xiaoran got up and walked to the front of the window. His white clothes were swaying. Looking at the plum branches, he seemed to feel a little disappointed. He smiled and said, "It turns out that a little carmine between the eyebrows will make people more beautiful.". Song Wei smiled, picked up a glass of light wine, holding a plum blossom, walked to Shi Xiaoran's side, brought him the wine, and put the plum blossom in front of his forehead, a little bright red, asked, are you talking like this? Shi Xiaoran smiled, and the smile was warm. I suddenly stared at my forehead with big eyes, eh? It turned out that a little carmine between the eyebrows was General Shi's favorite. In this way, if I work hard, I may become a general's wife? I almost burst out laughing at the thought. But at this time, I thought of Duan Tsing Yi again and looked at me with a half-smile: "Small sample, are you cranky again?"? I knew you weren't a good bird! When will you grow up! When can we determine the nature! Just then, a servant came in from outside the courtyard, and when he saw me, it was like seeing a female ghost. Also, I do not have a bundle of hair today, a long hair, three thousand hair, not carved draped in the back, white light, really has the wind of a female ghost. The servant stumbled around me and said, "General, the old general asked Miss Song to come over, saying that the emperor had given her a new tea. The master asked the girl to come over and enjoy the tea together.". Shi Xiaoran looked at Song Feiliang and smiled, "Father just misses you.". Song Feiliang's face was not surprised, and he looked at Shi Xiaoran calmly and said that on the day of the general's big day, Feiliang was indeed a thorn in many people's hearts, and it was difficult not to miss it. Shi Xiaoran was stupefied and said, Fei Liang, don't do this. Song Yiliang sighed and looked at Shi Xiaoran with sad eyes. He held his skirt with a slender hand and said, Brother Shi, these years in the General's Office are the happiest days for Yiliang. Yiliang no longer exists for him. Fei Liang is a person who is unlucky and can't meet people who live and die together. Shi Xiaoran sighed, clasped her hand gently, took her in his arms, held her gently, and finally sighed and said, "Go!"! Don't say these words. Twenty-four, in his heart, how heavy she is! In her heart, how heavy he is! When Song Feiliang went out, he found me. She was stupefied at first, and a forced smile appeared on her depressed face. Then she came forward and said, "Miss Xiaoxian.". What are you doing here? I was stunned by the question. I can't answer. You two didn't treat me well, so I have to walk by myself, right? So I could only smile and say that I was just walking around, and I had never seen such a magnificent place since I was a child. Song Feiliang stared at my eyebrows in a trance for a while, with a thoughtful expression. Finally, she took my hand and smiled. Xiaoxian, Qingyi entrusted you to me temporarily. I should have taken good care of you. With that, her hand gently combed my hair, sighed, seemed to have infinite worries, but finally did not say. But I know all about it. The emperor has granted the marriage. Sweetheart Shi Xiaoran's wedding is imminent,stainless steel toilet, even if the general's office has a place for her, but the emperor, the princess is afraid that she can not. Forced to leave? Or give death? The fate below made her miserable. cnkexin.com
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