Knowledge of commonly used clothing fabrics

Clothing fabric is one of the three elements of clothing. Fabric can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the color and shape of clothing.
Soft fabrics are generally lighter and thinner, with good drape, smooth styling lines, and natural stretching of clothing outlines. It mainly includes knitted fabrics and silk fabrics with loose fabric structure and soft and thin linen fabrics. Soft knitted fabrics often use straight and concise shapes in clothing design to reflect the graceful curves of the human body; silk, linen and other fabrics often have loose and pleated shapes to express the fluidity of the fabric lines.
The crisp fabric has clear lines and a sense of volume, which can form a plump clothing outline. Commonly used are cotton cloth, polyester cotton cloth, corduroy, linen cloth and various medium-thick wool and chemical fiber fabrics, etc. This kind of fabric can be used in the design of highlighting the accuracy of clothing modeling, such as the design of suits and suits.
Glossy fabrics have a smooth surface and reflect light. This type of fabric includes fabrics with a satin structure. Most commonly used in evening gowns or stage costumes to produce a strong visual effect of gorgeous dazzling. Coopertailor is a fabric factory for the clothing.
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