Application of High Speed Photodetector

Due to the popularity of the Internet and video-on-demand services, the capacity of photon network systems must be increasing. The semiconductor photodetector converts the optical signal into an electrical signal is a key device for the receiver in the photon network system. General requirements for photodetectors are: in order to achieve a higher bit rate, it takes a faster-operating speed; in order to achieve better sensitivity, higher efficiency is required; in order to reduce the power consumption of the receiver, it is necessary to work Voltage.


The high speed photodetector is an indispensable element applied to video imaging, optical communication, biomedical imaging, security, night vision, gas sensing, and motion detection, which have the ability to accurately convert light into electrical signals.


The photodetector is a sensor that can convert the photon energy of light into an electrical signal. They are absolutely necessary for fiber optic communication systems, process control, environment sensing, security, security, and defense-related applications. The excellent performance of the photodetector can be obtained by the successful use of a semiconductor material having a significant absorption and high mobility of the charge carrier. These properties ensure sufficient absorption of light and larger photocurrent.


NEON‘s photodetectors are suitable for radar information processing, electronic warfare, and antenna measurement.

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