Male Infertility: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

Nearly one in seven couples are infertile, meaning they haven't been successful in becoming pregnant despite engaging in frequent, unprotected sexual activity for a year or more. Male infertility may play a partial or complete role in nearly half of these couples. Various conditions, trauma, long-term health issues, lifestyle decisions, and other factors can cause male infertility. Male infertility can be frustrating and distressing, but several treatments are available. In this blog, Dr. Niren Rao, the Best Urologist in Delhi, has described the crucial factors related to infertility in men and the enhancement treatments available to resolve infertility. If one is facing infertility problems or wishes to learn which infertility-enhancing treatment will suit one best, visit Dr. Niren Rao, who offers the Best Infertility Treatment in Delhi at Delhi Urology Hospital. Book an appointment today for a comprehensive diagnosis and suitable treatment plans!
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