Create Your Own Challenging Blue Fire Levels With Void Maker DLC, Out Novem

We hear you loud and clear. You want more platform levels for Blue Fire Void, but instead of deleting new ones, we offer a level editor to create your own space! Let your imagination run wild by designing challenging, epic or silly levels with Void Maker DLC.

Express your creativity!

Have you ever jumped into space and wondered what it would be like if there were giant balls, eyeballs and dragons? Or maybe it’s just us. The good news is that all of these and many other silly items are available in Void Maker for you to enjoy.

During the development of Void Maker, we realized that this tool has great potential beyond creating levels that look like the emptiness of the original game. We’ve added more content than originally selected to include NPCs, enemies, themes, playlists, and more. We believe this allows you to create levels where anything is possible!

Tips for making layers fun

There are many ways to start designing and the most obvious is to test things randomly and try them out or have something specific you want to build. It’s better anyway. Since we know a thing or two about creating a space, let’s share some tips to help you create an extraordinary space.

  • Select the type of layer you want to create. Do you want simple platform challenges, puzzle-like adventures, or story-based levels with NPCs? Knowing a basic idea of what you want your final product to look like is a good start.

  • Look at the technical options and think about how you want your space. This helps you understand what materials to use.

  • Think about how tough the platform you want it to be.

All of these factors don’t need to be identified in the first place – that’s normal and okay! But the more determined the better.

Implementation comes after conceptual development or layer creation. This is a slow non-linear process that may vary from layer to layer, but will generally look like this:

  • Hide the basics with simple shapes and mechanics

  • Repeat between

  • Add art

  • Poland

  • And finally quality inspection


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