Panties Size Guide: How to Find the Right Size for Yourself?

Ill-fitting panties can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. They make you fidget and look under-confident. Nobody wants to go through that. Your panties should complement your outfit and keep you comfortable always. This is only possible if you get appropriately sized lingerie, whether you buy panties online or offline. This guide makes everything relatively easy.

How to know if your panties are ill-fitting?

If you wear panties that do not fit or feel right and cause discomfort all day, you know they are not for you. You need new ones. However, if you want specific pointers that tell you that it is not the right one for you, here are some things to consider:

  • Your panties do not support your back.
  • The panties keep rolling down, riding up or sagging, and keep you fidgety.
  • They keep digging into your skin and cause irritation and discomfort.
  • Your panties bulge near the crotch area oddly, and the fabric does not sit well on your skin.
  • There are a lot more creases than should be.
  • The leg holes or the waistband cause rashes or lead to itching.
  • You experience unwanted wedges when wearing them.

How to find your size?

If you experience any of the problems mentioned, you should know that you are either wearing a size that is too big or small for you. So, you need to find your size to get the best out of your lingerie. Here is a size guide that will help you find the best panties for women:

Measure your waist

Your natural waistline corresponds to the area of your body that naturally bends around your abdomen. Take the measuring tape almost five centimeters below this and measure the space. This is where your waistband will sit and is your waist size.

Measure your hips

To get the accurate number, you need to determine the dimension of the fullest part of your hips with a tape that easily bends around your body.  It is usually six to nine inches below your waistline, depending on your height. Ensure you take a snug measurement and do not wrap the tape too tight or loose.

Match it to the size chart

After taking your measurements, match them to the size chart corresponding to a particular panty before ordering a panty pack. If you find your measurement between two sizes, it is usually safe to choose the larger size.

Now that you know how to find a good panty, say no to discomfort, and go bonkers with styles and colors to match your outfits.

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