Personalized Customization Will Become A New Direction For Footwear And Clothing Industry In The Future

The Internet era has changed the living habits of consumers, as well as the roles of consumers and enterprises, making them exchange roles. The right of discourse between enterprises and consumers has been reversed. "User first" has become the iron rule of the Internet era. With consumers' growing demand for product differentiation and personalization, more and more consumers have begun to be unique, diversified, personalized and customized, And the industrial pattern surrounding the changes in the "new retail" market has also undergone significant changes. (Print on Demand)
Nike opened a flash shop to promote professional and colorful customized sports underwear
Many consumers have heard about the "NIKEiD" business of Nike sports shoes. Now, Nike is trying to apply the customization business to more product lines - such as an exclusive sports bra. Nike recently opened a pop up shop in Manhattan, New York, in cooperation with Bandier, a sportswear brand. This shop is called BraHaus, which is a landmark in the history of art and design. Consumers can choose a variety of sports underwear here, and print some slogans on the underwear.
Uniqlo promotes "tailored" personalized customization service
On its official website, Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing brand, provides more than 800 different colors and styles of shirts. You can choose the size, collar style, sleeve length, etc. After ordering, this customized shirt will be delivered within 3 to 7 working days. The customized service only costs 29.99 yuan. According to the pricing strategy of Uniqlo, it is likely to sell for 199 yuan in the Chinese market. Print on Demand)
Before launching this service in the United States, Uniqlo had conducted "experiments" in Japan and set up customized services in stores in central cities such as Ginza, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka and Bodo. This service is actually provided for consumers with non-standard figure, and all products are "semi customized products", which can speed up the production.
Adidas' first offline mi adidas customized service
Choose your own style and material, tattoo your personal signature, and create a unique exclusive shoe. Adidas Trifolium, the first offline mi adidas personalized customization service in Zhejiang, was officially launched in Xinyuanhua. This is undoubtedly a new experience worth celebrating for "Trifolium fans" who can only customize online in the past.
Converse Customized Services Create Exclusive Converse Shoes for Customers Print on Demand)
Converse has launched a variety of co branded, commemorative, graffiti, etc., but has never had a real customized service like NikeiD, the parent company of Nike. Since Converse was incorporated into Nike's official website, it has recently announced that it will provide customized services in almost the same way as NikeiD orders. It is still the first to start from the classic shoe Chuck Taylor All Star. In the high top, low top and "one foot" models, you can also find more subdivided women's shoes, neutral or children's shoes.
CJ POD Print on Demand) foot recognition bird foot type measuring equipment opens a new chapter in shoe personalized customization
As the largest shoe enterprise in Putian, CJ POD has targeted personalized customization business as early as 2016, and jointly built a "foot big data and shoe industry personalized customization research center" with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the highest scientific research institution in China. At present, the third generation of foot recognition bird foot type measuring instrument jointly developed by the two companies can obtain accurate foot data such as foot length, foot width, instep height and plantar pressure distribution value in just a few seconds. The system automatically generates a three-dimensional foot model for users, creates a private foot type database, and the production system will produce shoe lasts and shoes based on these personal foot data. 
At the same time, in order to meet everyone's different preferences and diverse needs, the device is also equipped with a personalized customization port, which can select the color, pattern, embroidery pattern, etc. of shoes in real time according to the customer's personal preferences, and even design your own personal signature. After placing an order, the personalized customization system will input these into the production system according to your choice and issue instructions to the supply chain. You can get the customized shoes according to your own foot data as soon as you wait about 30 minutes.
Under the market tide of consumption upgrading, enterprises need the initiative of taking a step forward and the innovation mode of daring to change. As consumers' demands for personalized product design and customized services become increasingly prominent, the industry has put forward new requirements for the speed and depth of response to the supply chain. The degree of digital supply chain transformation will become a key measure of the brand's comprehensive strength.
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