Is Low Sperm Count Treatable?

Low sperm count can be the primary cause of male infertility. Men who are diagnosed with low sperm count often worry if they will be able to become fathers. However, low sperm count treatment is available today and has higher success rates than ever before. 

How is low sperm count diagnosed?

In most cases, low sperm count is not diagnosed until couples start trying to conceive. Couples facing fertility issues will have to go through certain tests and screening to determine the cause. Low sperm count is diagnosed through a semen analysis test. It is a simple procedure in which the patient must provide a sample of their semen which will then be evaluated in a lab. The average semen analysis test cost in India is around INR 190 to INR 950, depending on the city, hospital, and other factors.

Low sperm count in most cases is treatable depending upon the causes. Hence, it is essential to find the underlying cause.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count can be caused due to a host of issues. These issues can be medical, environmental, or related to lifestyle choices. Excessive drug and alcohol abuse can be a common cause. Medical issues that require surgeries like varicocele are another common cause. Doctors will investigate the patient's history to look for past surgeries, infections, lifestyle habits, etc., to determine the cause. 

Low Sperm Count Treatments

Some cases of low sperm count can be treated with medications, lifestyle changes, and increasing intake of vitamin D and calcium, while some cases may require surgery.

Common advice that can be useful if you are suffering from low sperm count is:

  1. Abstain from alcohol, drugs, and smoking. 
  2. Get physically active.
  3. Eat healthily.
  4. Ask your doctor for beneficial nutritional supplements.
  5. Avoid being in constant stress
  6. Stay away from hot tubs, saunas, etc.
  7. Try to avoid pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins that can negatively impact sperm count.

If you are struggling with fertility due to low sperm count, you can become a father by going for these treatments:

  1. ICSI: You can go for in vitro fertilization using intracytoplasmic sperm injection. There are various Assisted reproductive technology (ART) techniques available to help people conceive. 

  2. Medications & Hormones: Hormone replacement or medications can be prescribed by the doctor if the low sperm count is due to hormonal imbalances.

  3. Surgery: Surgical procedures can be helpful if the cause is something like a varicocele. It can also be utilized to reverse a vasectomy to be able to conceive. 

  4. Antibiotic Treatment: This is often used to treat infections with the reproductive tract and may not be useful in restoring fertility.

  5. Sexual Problems Treatment: If the problem in conceiving is due to issues like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, then treatment will be medications and counselling to resolve the medical issues.

In most cases, low sperm count can be treated successfully. In rare cases when the issue is untreatable, couples can go for sperm donation, where they can use a male donor to donate sperm for the IVF process. 

If you suspect you may be going through male factor infertility due to low sperm count, you may consult a doctor and go for a semen analysis test. The semen analysis test cost is affordable in India, and the process is simple.

Consult with the doctor & discuss the results to explore your options for treatment. Always have an open mind for other options in case the treatment doesn't work. You can always have a donor to donate sperm or even go for adoption.

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