Information You Should Have Regarding Sapphire Heights

Do you wish to live a refined lifestyle in Pakistan's capital city and strive for the pinnacles of excellence? If so, it is now time to carry out your request to live the life of your dreams. Mr. Bilal Afzal, CEO of Sapphire Properties, launched the commercial project known as Sapphire Heights. In addition to giving, you the greatest investment possibilities, this project's debut also gives you the ability to make a commercial investment in Blue World City.

Sapphire Heights is home to businesses, offices, and studio apartments. To suit the demands of the population, all of the workplaces, stores, and residences are built to international standards. You may get advice on this newest business investment possibility in BWC from the article. So let's learn more about it as a group.

Sapphire Heights Location 

First, if we discuss the project's location, it is at 129 School Avenue in Blue World City, Islamabad. It is the society's ideal position, providing quick access to important sites in the capital city. We all understand that the location of any commercial project is crucial to investors since it is regarded as a deciding element in the possible return on investment. In light of Sapphire Height Location, you can be confident that your investment is in a project that is well situated.

Sapphire Heights NOC

The second most significant and commonly asked issue about every real estate project is its legal standing. As a result, the Sapphire Heights NOC is legitimate. As Sapphire Height is a modest commercial development situated in Blue World City, the BWC developers will authorize the NOC. So, because we are aware that BWC is a legitimate, NOC-approved society, there is no need to worry about fraud.

Master Plan

Let's now head in the direction of the Sapphire Heights Master Plan. Apartments, offices, and retail spaces are all included in the commercial plaza's master plan. There are stores for sale in the building's lower ground floor. Commercial studio offices are located on the first floor, mezzanine floor, and ground floor. From the second floor to the fourth floor, apartments are for sale.

All of these floors have final designs created by qualified architects and designers. Additionally, each floor has the most modern amenities and services, as well as cutting-edge infrastructure.

You may purchase 1- and 2-bedroom apartments in Sapphire Heights based on your needs and financial situation. You may arrange to use the bathroom, kitchen, and sitting area in each unit. Therefore, we can conclude that the Sapphire Height's master plan is carefully thought out and suitable for all types of investors.

Payment Plan

The most economical payment plan has been established by Mr. Bilal Afzal, and the costs of businesses, stores, and residences are equally reasonable. the 15% down payment required for apartment and retail leases. Sapphire Heights Payment Plan offers a 1-year instalment schedule that is simple for all investors to understand and allows investors to pay the money in 12 monthly instalments. It's also vital to note that there are 10% confirmation and possession fees.

Additionally, Sapphire Heights' ground level and mezzanine floor are entirely sold out, indicating that investors are interested in this project. The most reasonable pricing is available for reservations. So, invest in it right away to avoid missing out.

Why Should You Invest in It?

Here, the issue of why investment in this project is necessary emerges. There could be a lot of reasons to fund this project. The project's great location in Blue World City Islamabad is the primary justification for investing in it. The availability of luxury flats and studio offices at the most reasonable pricing is the second factor. The fact that you will find all the conveniences with contemporary civilization and cutting-edge infrastructure here is the third factor.

The advantages of Sapphire Heights include the following:

Safe Neighborhood

Sapphire Height is situated in the safest neighborhood and is always being watched by CCTV cameras. The safety of those who live here and work here has been guaranteed by the developers.

Provision Of Essential Services

To relieve investors and residents, Sapphire Heights developers have made sure that all essential services, including gas, water, and electricity, are available in the plaza.

Dedicated Maintenance

To guarantee that nobody has trouble during a malfunction, the management has made sure that the maintenance crew is available around-the-clock. The maintenance team also makes sure that the building's systems are operating properly.

Residential Apartments

Investors may acquire one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in the plaza at the most reasonable pricing. Modern conveniences have been included into the design of these units. The project will also be developed in accordance with international standards, according to the creators.

The discussion above makes it quite evident that Sapphire Heights Islamabad is among the top commercial projects, complete with all the qualities that will enable investors to get a quick return on their investment. Furthermore, the project's creators are none other than Sapphire Properties' CEO, a seasoned real estate professional with expertise working on similar projects. Therefore, this is the best project in Capital City from the standpoint of investments.


Sapphire Heights is a property being built to worldwide standards where conveniences and pleasures coexist. It is a location where investments will increase with time and where the finest apartments for a modern lifestyle are offered. It is a unique project with simple instalment and payment schedules in Islamabad. Therefore, investing in this project is worthwhile.

The focus was on Sapphire Heights. We have made an effort to communicate all pertinent facts on the project in Islamabad. It is a commercial investment opportunity, nevertheless. Citi Housing Kharian is a wonderful project if you're seeking for a home investment opportunity for that reason.


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