Launch of the Mayfair Overseas Block by Citi Housing Kharian


The newest development in the neighborhood, Mayfair Overseas Block, provides 80 Kanals of area on Main GT Road for the sports facility. Additionally, the developers are making sure it is the finest investment possible for all foreign investors. And the goal is to provide them with exceptional value for their money. Even foreign investors are looking at this as a great residential investment since investors will have the perfect lifestyle and living standards for everyone. But most importantly, the location is the best feature that all investors seek in a long-term investment, and the region increases its worth and value. The blog will also include all pertinent information that is currently available. So, let's investigate all the data about Citi Housing Kharian Mayfair Overseas Block.

Developers & Owners

This wonderful and excellent housing complex is being constructed by Citi Housing Kharian Developers. And the goal is to provide all investors with the highest-quality deliverables at the greatest price. Additionally, they have showed all investors the ideal living quarters. Additionally, we have seen their work on projects like Citi Housing in Multan, Sialkot, Faislabad, Gujranwala, and Jhelum, which gives us a sense of the calibre of their output. The Mayfair Overseas Block has also been formally launched by the developers for all foreign investors.

Noc Status

All Citi Housing Kharian investors desire Legality while considering a long-term investment. In addition, the housing project will soon be granted its legitimate status, which should help. The relevant agency will also act rapidly to assist investors and developers in obtaining the most reliable and long-term investment rates. The best part is that once it has legal status, its value will rise as well, giving you the opportunity to turn it into an asset right now.


Venture capitalist Citi Housing Kharian wants to turn it into a long-term residential investment. Additionally, the location, which offers all the best living options, is at the Main GT Road Kharian. We also know that the area will soon see rapid growth as a result of the outstanding housing developments emerging in the neighborhood, such as the New Metro City Kharian. And the Mayfair Overseas Block is the addition that will most effectively raise the value of the living space.

Mayfair Overseas Block

The Mayfair Overseas Block will be equipped with every amenity a long-term investor may desire. Additionally, builders have formally established it as a safe real estate investment for all investors. The block will also provide top-notch amenities that satisfy the greatest living requirements in a single gated neighborhood. Most significantly, the profitable facilities will give foreign investors the greatest lifestyle and high standards they desire.

To assist in obtaining the perfect technique to lead a healthy lifestyle, the block will have a golf course, table tennis, badminton, football, basketball, and swimming pool. The investors will also benefit from the amenities of living in a gated community. Additionally, everyone would have access to entertainment options to support the development of their perfect and desire lifestyle.


The Mayfair Overseas Block will feature the best lifestyle for all investors, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, the developers always make a fantastic living here, never disappointing the investors. The developers are also attempting to attract foreign customers' attention. The rates offered here will fall within the range of the nation's abroad assets, which is the greatest element. The investors will most crucially have access to more sophisticated amenities and profitable features. Additionally, giving residents access to both essentials and luxury goods will improve their lives' dependability and tranquility. Finally, Sapphire Properties will inform everyone about the additional development taking place in the neighborhood such as in Sapphire Heights. Be sure to communicate with them.


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