Why Aluminium Oxide Blasting is used

When you need to treat wood surfaces, abrasive blasting is a valuable method. Aluminium oxide blasting makes use of an air compressor to drive blast abrasive grains through a nozzle at a higher velocity to your chosen project surface. It has numerous applications, including the treatment of wood surfaces. Aluminium oxide is a hard and sharp abrasive. For wood, it is best to use a soft media such as walnut shells, or baking soda. Aluminium oxide can harm the wood, cause unevenness, or leave elements embedded in the surface. When you are dealing with a moderately soft surface like wood, it is best to use an abrasive media with a higher grit number. The high the grit number, the fine the abrasive is, which creates a smoother surface finish. Low grit numbers mean the abrasives are coarse, which could harshly damage the wood.

Why aluminium oxide blasting is the best Option

When dealing with harder abrasives, the superalloys are usable when blasted at a low PSI. They may not work as quickly or efficiently as they do when cast off to their full potential when blasted at low pressure, but some projects like wood projects need a gentler approach to achieve the wanted outcome, and the abrasives should still achieve the wanted effect. Additionally, these aluminium oxide blasting are durable and can be reused many times. They can be used for future wood projects or other industrial abrasive blasting projects.

The abrasives are made of polymorphous particles, meaning that they can achieve more than one job in a blasting job in one step, so they get the job done fast than the alternatives. They are safer for both blasters & the environment with no free silica, no beryllium, no heavy metals, and no crystalline structures. Due to its violent nature, Aluminium Oxide is a very common blasting media that is used on metal, glass, wood & other materials. Its versatility & strength make it a favourite among professionals throughout the industry. Aluminium oxide is ground down into different grains, like sandpaper. You can use it for numerous different applications, and it can also be recycled. You can keep using this until it starts to break down fully. The rate of how rapidly the aluminium oxide degrades depends on the kind of material you are blasting and the high pressure at which you are blasting. It also has very great strength and durability. You can also use it on a variety of different metals, including titanium & stainless steel, as well as on other items. Aluminium oxide has a very great shelf life, too, so if you buy it in bulk and do not use it all right away, it will be ready whenever you need it.

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