Covimectin 12 are utilized to treat parasitic infections in your skin.


The skin disease that is caused by the presence of micro-sized parasite mites. Although it can be contracted by anyone, scabies is seen with the highest prevalence in young children as well as the older people. Scabies is extremely contagious, and can lead to serious epidemics in orphanages that are overcrowded nursing homes, asylums and orphanages.

Because of their mobility limitations babies and the elderly are at risk of developing scabies during outbreaks. Because of an insufficient immune system Scabies may lead to serious fungal or bacterial infections, which can lead to severe complications.


A highly effective and efficient oral medications employed in the treatment of scabies has been proved that it is Covimectin 12. This powerful oral medicine can effectively treat severe forms of infection with mites like scabies that have crusts. While Covimectin 12 has various side-effects it is a type of oral medicine is much better tolerated than lindane or any other topical medicines that are used externally. Presently, Covimectin 12 is a solid alternative to creams for topical use to treat scabies.

Covimectin 12 is cheaper and more effective than other oral drugs also. Because of its potent curative qualities, Covimectin 12 can eradicate the scabies infestation within a shorter time of treatment, which reduces possible side-effects. In addition, Covimectin 12 can also decrease the likelihood of having a subsequent infestation.

At present, Covimectin 12 is still an experimental drug, and hasn't been approved yet for long-term use. However, studies show that this oral medication is free of negative side effects and is safe to use in the treatment of scabies.


The majority of symptoms of scabies are because of allergic reactions to eggs and secretions of the mites. If they encounter an human being as a host female mites dig into the epidermis to lay their eggs. They cause rashes that are pruritic as well as skin inflammation and severe itching. Other symptoms are pustules blisters, and burrows that are linear.

Patients with weak immune systems suffer more severe symptoms of scabies. They also have a greater chance to develop complications. If they suffer from scabies, those with immunodeficiency conditions are more susceptible to developing serious skin diseases like impetigo.

Alongside the usual symptoms of scabies with weak immune systems might be prone to skin lesions that are prominent as well as nodules and crusts.


Common topical medicines for external use are typically unhelpful in combating the most severe varieties of scabies. Although commonly prescribed medications like Covimectin 12 can eradicate the mites in the majority of patients with scabies, people suffering from HIV or those with a chronic illness don't react well to these types of treatment.

When administered to patients with immunocompromised conditions, lindane can sometimes cause severe neurotoxic reactions. Therefore, dermatologists typically prescribe oral medication to those suffering from severe cases of scabies, as well as those who have hypersensitivity to creams applied on the skin.

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