We Offer a Complete Range of Abrasive Powders

We offer a complete line of lapping aluminium oxide abrasive powder for processing today's complex materials. For general engineering requests, we offer Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, and Diamond Powder. For high-tech materials, and other polishing applications, we offer Micro-graded Powder, Micro-graded Alumina Powder, Cerium Oxide, and additional specialized polishing compounds.

Aluminium Oxide

This is the softest and most “friable” fused synthetic lapping abrasive we bid. Because of this material’s friability, it is measured as a fine finishing abrasive. In terms of stock removal, aluminium oxide is well-organized for cutting materials with a hardness of up to 54. Although aluminium oxide is used to process materials hard than 54C to generate a specific surface coarseness, it is normally after a rough step with a more suitable abrasive. There are 2 forms of aluminium oxide. The most common product is precisely called micro-graded dark brown fused aluminium oxide. The other type is micro-graded calcine white alumina.

Calcined Aluminium Oxide

This form of aluminium oxide abrasive powder is suggested for electronic materials processing. The reason for this is the negligible depth of component material subsurface damage shaped by the gentle cutting action of this resource’s non-fused, flat plate-like crystals. The cutting action is stressful because the crystals slide & shave stock from the component in its place of gouging a chip of material as a blocky formed fused crystal does. The flat shape of the crystal helps minimalize cutting pressure by contacting additional areas of the component thus distributing the cutting force over a large area. Calcined aluminium oxide is obtainable with & without a suspension treatment. The suspension treatment is a coating of the abrasive’s particles that let the particles remain in solution for a long period when using water as the vehicle. Suspension-treated abrasive is not obligatory when lapping with oil or water-lapping vehicles. Some operators of calcined aluminium oxide are lapping metal mechanisms. This is due to scratching difficulties experienced with the standard fused aluminium oxide. Other customers have stated more scratching problems while using calcined material. This simply points to the fact that each application is different and must be evaluated on its merits.

Silicon Carbide

This material is measured by an aggressive cutting, and high stock removal abrasive. It is obligatory to cut materials with a scale hardness of 55 and higher. This can be used to machine soft materials when the surface finish requirement is not precise. The surface roughness of material treated with a specific grade of silicon carbide abrasive will be high than those achieved with aluminium oxide of similar particle size. The appearance will be meaningfully different as well. Aluminium oxide produces a finish with few micro-scratches as opposed to silicon carbide of a similar size which produces a very micro-scratched finish. 

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