How many levels are in slope 2?

Hello to all the followers of the people who love to play games. Today I am going to answer a question that has recently been on the discussion boards very hot as a gamer and has played Slope 2 since its launch.
Those who are passionate about the challenging running game series, perhaps Slope 2 is not strange to everyone because this is a very famous game and has a high position on all search engines. That showed the heat of this game.
Recently there have been many bad rumors about Slope 2, here is the answer. All of that is completely fabricated to bring down a game that is constantly popular. Maybe it's an unfair competition trick of the opponent, but as a player, please be alert and see what this game has and is bringing.
I have been playing this game since the demo and I have foreseen the development of this game. Slope 2 is a really great challenge running game, it also helps players increase reflexes.

Description of the game Slope 2
Easy at the start, but adds challenge and fun throughout the run! The game does not block slopes, you control a ball rolling down a large slope. As you drive from side to side, your game plan is to avoid hitting the obstacles, keep your ball straight on the falling ramps, increase speed along the way and have tons of adrenaline Have fun as you try to hit your record!
The further you go, the faster you go! Easy to see, adding challenge and fun during the run! To add to the challenge, the course is randomly arranged each ramp platform, accelerator, obstacle and tunnel, each time you play, forcing you to be constantly on high alert if you want to succeed.
In addition to Slope 2, game makers have also developed upgraded versions such as Slope 3 or Unblocked Slope 2, which are also very popular with players. Let's
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