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Animal Crossing New Horizons has 35 species and 9000+ Animal Crossing Items. These include penguins, rabbits, monkeys, elephants, and more. Among them are several penguin animal villagers that are particularly popular.


Animal Crossing New Horizons is a town living island where you can choose different kinds of animal villagers to live on your island. Considering the limited area of New Horizons islands, to avoid overcrowding the island layout, you can only select up to 10 ACNH island villagers. After the ACNH 2.0 upgrade, the Animal Crossing Items Catalog is complete, with a list of 413 animal villagers in New Horizons. Whether you are a penguin animal lover or not, the rounded appearance of penguins makes their unique stature very obvious. Stock up on Bells Animal Crossing, Nook Miles Tickets, and Animal Crossing Items to meet your island villagers! You should also be careful when choosing villagers. After all, the steps to replace island villagers are still very cumbersome.


Boomer wears an aviator cap, goggles, and a bomber jacket like a pilot ready to take off. Regrettably. Never heard of a penguin being able to fly a plane. His overall outfit is pretty cool. Of course, you can also head over to New Animal Crossing Items in ABLE SISTER to pick up similar styles. Animal Crossing Items For Sale in ABLE SISTER contains a variety of dresses, tops, pants, eyes, accessories, and more. Tex is cooler than Boomer. Tex in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a smug villager whose favorite phrase is "Rules were made to be broken". This means that he can do anything risky.


Aside from his unique personality, Aurora looks like a typical cartoon penguin. Her solid black eyes set her apart from other penguin villagers, blurring the line between cute and creepy. But when she receives strong emotions, her eyes turn red. If it's your first time with her, I hope you don't get intimidated. Very recognizable, Hoppe is a penguin known for its distinctive yellow feathers on its head. Although he is highly recognizable, he has a grumpy personality. The hopper penguin's eyes are blood red, which complements his grumpy personality. This means that even if you don't introduce him, you will be able to guess his personality from his appearance.


There are many animal villagers with penguin species, and you can choose animal villagers with different characters according to your island style. Even if the villagers are not getting along well, you can go to the Residents Service Center to find Animal Crossing Isabelle to help you reconcile the conflict. In the general list of animal villagers, in addition to inviting island villagers to live on the island, you can also work very hard to collect ACNH Items to decorate rooms and island layouts. Buying animal crossing items can skip game missions and get ACNH Items directly. However, Animal Crossing Island Designs requires unique and novel architecture and design. Maybe some of the rare ACNH Items you need are not at Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, or Nook Shopping. But you can Buy ACNH Items at ACbellsbuy for 10% OFF whenever you need them.

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