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Transactional SMS are messages used for sending orders & booking alerts. They are sent as informational messages to listed customers. Our Transactional SMS service is essential for the user and it is termed a service message. These messages comprise the information that is needed for the customers and not any promotion or advertising messages. They are just informative messages.

 Details of our Transactional SMS:

If the client is a Company, then we would need details on how their clients are subscribing or getting listed and one sample of the subscription form is obligatory.

For Educational institutions, we would need a letter stating that the SMS will be used for updates to parents & teachers, and students and no Advertising activity will be done from the particular account.

For Government administrations, we would need a letter stating to whom the communications will be sent and in case of any criticism what kind of certification will they be able to provide with a sample compulsory.

Features of our Transnational SMS:

Direct Connectivity with the leading operators.

Best connectivity efficacy and Delivery performance.

Real-time SMS Delivery & report.

Supports numerous connectivity per service provider.

Best Password authentication & Audit trail.

No Monthly Rent, No Setup Fees, and No Inter-connectivity Charges.

Integrating SMS services with your site

Our Transactional SMS Structures

Our Transactional SMS service can only be used for sending transactional messages such as Information, OTP, and alerts to your listed users. Some of the features are

Plan SMS for Future

You can plan your SMS text messages to be sent at an upcoming date and time.

SMS Distribution on All Numbers

Transactional SMS are sent to both DND & NON-DND numbers and they are used to send information.

No Time Limit

Transactional SMS is delivered fully to Send alerts and reminders across our platform and get prompt deliverability.

Template Based Service

For transactional SMS you need to plan the Normal Template or a Premium SMS Template which you can use after the admin will approve.

Group Messaging feature

We provide group SMS services and one of the most effective services is sending messages to a group in one instance.

Open Delivery Report

We offer dynamic delivery reports which are also known as CDR to let you see the status of the SMS Text messages you have sent.

User-Friendly Messaging Portal

Our Company designed a Simple messaging Panel that is Well Structured, and a User-friendly Panel for sending SMSs in no time.

Multiple Route feature

Our Smart Routing feature helps convey your Transactional Bulk Message Service over numerous network routes carrying the least traffic.

You can send an SMS With Brand Name

Brand your SMS Advertising using your Brand Name. It is instantly recognizable when sent to your customer’s mobile phones.

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