Watch out! Don't Ask This Stupid Thing to Google

Google have extraordinary abilities as a search engine . Not only searching for articles or images, Google can also display specific information from our questions.

Google may display a piece of information from website popular ones. It is usually taken from the most visited sites, aka is automatic. This has drawbacks, because the one that appears at the front does not mean the most accurate. Some of the sites that Google's answer references are also not credible sites.
Google said it would remove the answers to some of these silly questions . Through a blog post August 11, 2022, Google explained this removal to improve the quality of the information presented, including in terms of accuracy.
“We designed our ranking system to bring up relevant information from the most reliable sources available – sources that demonstrate expertise, authority and trustworthiness. We train our systems to identify and prioritize these reliability signals.”

Here are a few silly questions that give incoherent answers as a result of Google picking them up from inconsequential sites:

1. When did Snoopy assassinate Abraham Lincoln?' (kapan Snoopy membunuh Abraham Lincoln)
This search previously only returned the words “1865”. The latest results show the full location and date of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US president. The question is, who is Snoopy?

2. How to get in touch with the Illuminati ? (how to get into the Illuminati)
Previous searches will return ' Want to get rich? Apply today and join the Illuminati!” in the search results box. While the new search will return multiple ads and sites without displaying specific pieces of information at the top of the results.

3. Can I remove a tick with my teeth ? (Can I remove ticks with my teeth)
There is a species of tick that sticks to human skin and it takes more effort to remove this blood-sucking animal. However, tooth extraction is not the solution.

The US disease control authority (CDC) recommends removing ticks with a tool such as tweezers. Google's previous answer wrote "Pull up with steady, even pressure."

4. Who is the king of the United States? (Who is the king of the United States?)
The problem with this question is that the United States does not have a monarchy political system led by a King. However, Google used to provide an answer; "Barack Obama."

5. Is Obama planning a coup? (Is Obama planning a coup?)
This question has been around since 2017, according to The Washington Post . This question would lead to the result "Obama may actually be planning a communist coup at the end of his term in 2016."

6. Why are firetrucks red? (Why is the fire truck red?)
There is no problem with this question. But, Google displays a super inconsequential answer. It says "For they have eight wheels and four men on them, and four plus eight is twelve, there are twelve inches in the foot, and one foot is a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth is ruler, and Queen Elizabeth is also a ship, and ships sail the seas. , and in the sea there are fish, and fish have fins, and Finland against Russia, and Russia in red, and that is why fire trucks are red.

7. Presidents in the Klan
Klan here refers to the Ku Klux Klan, a white extremist group in the US. Google will answer that there are four US presidents who are members of the KKK. The problem is, there is no valid evidence whether they are indeed members of the KKK. Previously, Google displayed a list with the names "President William McKinley; President Woodrow Wilson; President Warren G. Harding, and; President Harry S. Truman."

8. Are women evil? (Are women demons?)
This misogynistic question produces an answer that is no less strange. Google displays “Every woman has some level of whore in her. Every woman has a little evil in her... Women don't love men. They love what they can do for them."

9. What happened to the dinosaurs? (What happened to the dinosaurs)
This general question presents an answer that comes out of nowhere; "Dinosaurs were used more than anything else to indoctrinate children and adults into the notion of millions of years of Earth history."

The latest answer will feature the KT Extinction event, the event in which an asteroid hit Earth and wiped out the majority of dinosaur species 60 million years ago.
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