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Music producer and musician, famous music artist Horace Tempo, born Horace Wangnin Saizonou blew into the music space about one and half years ago. In that little time, he has not only carved a niche of his own but has built a cult following that has devoutly identified with his musical identity and are willing to walk with him on his journey.

Famous music artist Horace Tempo early life-

“Early 2020 when the covid19 pandemic hit the world and we were under lockdown, I mastered my craft and got the blessings of a few of my mentors, and that’s how I produced my first record The Ride and released it early 2020.

While the world was grappling with the global lockdown occasioned by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Beninese famous music artist Horace Tempo embarked on a self-discovery mission. He came out not only as a music maker but produced his own very first musical creation. He released his first track, an instrumental titled “The Ride”.

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