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Metal Fence

whether you live in a rural or urban setting. Additionally, choose between an expensive garden fence and an inexpensive one. A metal fence can be built in any architectural style and pricing range. What kinds of garden screens are available? What is their typical price? What about ongoing maintenance? Everything is covered in this post!

Types of Metal Fence

A metal fence can always be chosen to match your home, your preferences, and your style. There are many different styles of metal garden fencing that are available, including mesh fences, mesh panels, fencing, gabions, and metal integrated with other materials like stone and wood. A succinct summary

Mesh Fence

The least expensive sort of metal garden fencing is garden mesh. This metal mesh wire is light and flexible, making installation easy. There are different wire gauges, mesh sizes, shapes, and colours available for mesh fences (such as green and anthracite). Compared to regular mesh, garden mesh is not as robust. Therefore, models with a top tube and/or a concrete slab at the bottom are usually used.

Mesh Panels

Metal mesh panels can be added to mesh fences. They are far more durable and long-lasting than typical garden mesh since they are not bendable. These panels are well-liked for their mix of dependability, affordability, and safety. Mesh panels also come in a variety of colours and sizes. They are just as simple to install as garden netting.

Mesh panels allow you to see your surroundings. A view screen or another sort of view breaker can quickly fix this problem. A natural or artificial hedge can be used to enclose your yard and improve seclusion.


Do you want your metal garden fence to have a more distinct and enticing look? After that, you can erect a fence made of wrought iron or steel. Style, colour, and finish options are almost limitless. Do you want to aim for a rounded, earthy appearance with arrows? Or perhaps you have a modern home and want the ornamental bar fencing shown in the image above, which is more streamlined? Everything is within reach.

Please be advised that fence prices differ according on the design, degree of finished complexity, kind of material used, etc.
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