Lost Ark: Single Player Class sharpshooter

The sharpshooter is the only high-level gunner class among males. But he is also considered by some players to be the strongest single player in Lost Ark, mainly due to his excellent handling of medium and long distance enemies.

His weapons mainly use the mechanical bow to cause a lot of damage, and the mechanical power can cause custom damage. The speed of destroying the enemy is very fast, and it also greatly improves the speed at which we obtain Lost Ark Gold.

The sharpshooter can target and kill enemies from a great distance. And their pets help them in battle like rangers. But he also has a very fatal shortcoming, that is, his vitality is relatively weak, so he is only suitable for medium and long-distance sniping rather than close-range charging.

If you want to kill enemies at close range, you need to ensure the ability to spin to avoid enemy damage. PvP combat is more suitable for sharpshooter because he has good stealth ability. So we can hide ourselves first and then aim and shoot,

His mobility is also very good, this Class is relatively easy to get started, and it is very suitable for single player mode. Hope you like it.

The above is my introduction to sharpshooter. Hope to be able to help you. If you want to buy Lost Ark Gold, you can choose IGGM. It will give you a lot of help, I wish you a smooth game.

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