How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox?

OneDrive cloud storage, email, a full set of Microsoft productivity programmes, and other practical business-oriented features are all included in the well-liked Office 365 office package.

Office 365 is susceptible to outages, service interruptions, and human error like any other major system, which is why it's highly advised that you backup Office 365 email account.

[b]Creating a backup of Office 365 mailboxes[/b]

Microsoft provides a free, native method for Office 365 administrators to back up mails using Content Search eDiscovery.

[b]Office 365 mailbox backup using content search e-discovery[/b]

The Microsoft 365 admin centre contains the Content Search eDiscovery tool. It is utilised for data searching in Exchange Online. The query's results can be downloaded as PST files.

1. In the menu on the left side of the screen in the Microsoft 365 admin centre, choose Security.

2. From the menu on the screen's left, choose Permissions.
3. Choose the checkbox for the eDiscovery manager. eDiscovery Manager appears as a conversation box.
4. Click on Edit Role Group.
5. Click Choose Roles in the Edit Role Group dialogue box. Ensure that Export is listed under Selected Roles. Alternatively, click Edit and add the role.
6. Return to the home page of the Microsoft 365 admin centre and click Compliance in the menu on the left side of the screen.
A window titled Compliance emerges.
7. Click the menu button to the left of the screen and choose Content search.
8. Choose "New search."

Select the Add conditions option in step 9.

10. Choose the Type checkbox from the menu that appears on the left side of the screen.

Including the "type" restriction.
11. Click on Add.

12. Click Save and run.

13. Give your search a name and a brief description before choosing Save.

14. Choose Back to stored searches under Content search.

15. Select Export results after choosing the search query and allowing the operation to finish.

In the Exports tab of the Content search window, locate and download the exported data.

Technical expertise is necessary, and routine use of the eDiscovery Manager system might be challenging. Additionally, it will tax IT resources within your company. For mailbox backup, Microsoft advises utilising third-party programmes. Office 365 emails were successfully backuped by the automated tool in a few easy steps.

Two techniques for exporting or backing up your Office 365 mailboxes to PST files have been demonstrated in this post. While the second way makes use of a trustworthy tool, the first method makes use of the built-in export eDiscovery function. You can pick the one that best meets your needs from these two quick and simple techniques. Whichever approach you go with, be sure to archive emails in Office 365 and save them in a secure location in case you need it later.
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