What is Aromatherapy Massage?

Do you enjoy walks amidst nature and get a fragrance that elevates your mood and rejuvenates your senses? Aroma plays a vital role in shaping your mood. The concept relies on using essential oils, lotions, and aroma compounds, which improve mental and physical well-being. Aromatherapists have mastered the art of blending essential oils and compounds used for inhaling or applying them to the skin.

For years, aromatherapy massage has been embraced worldwide for its benefits. Although the modern-day aromatherapy has evolved with many changes from the 1900s, traditional massage dates back to the ancient Chinese, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian civilisation. The civilisations used essential oils as cosmetics and perfumes to fulfil the sense of beauty.

What To Wear?

Generally, before the ayurvedic massage begins, the therapist approaches the client to invite them for a smelling session. They blend different essential oils depending on the client’s discretion. You can also discuss your medical conditions and allergies while the therapist notes pain or tightness in your respective areas. You undress, wrap yourself in a towel, and lie on the massage table.

What To Expect?

Generally, a deep tissue massage lasts about 120 minutes and focuses on healing the painful points and treating musculoskeletal issues. The massage starts with deep strokes targeting the inner muscle layers and connective tissues. It promotes faster healing by increasing the blood flow and reducing inflammation. Kneading, pinching, stretching, gliding, and acupressure depend on the therapist’s expertise and your body condition.


Aromatherapy is proven to alleviate muscle pain. The massage strokes reach the deep tissues, providing blood flow to the specific areas of pain and stiffness. Black pepper oil is standard for muscular aches. People with disturbed sleep, improper sleep cycle, and restlessness often visit an Ayurveda clinic for sleep improvement.

Aromatherapy has improved mental well-being by alleviating stress, depression, anxiety, and agitation. People with a busy schedule often rely on regular massage sessions to relieve their daily stress.

Products Used

In aromatherapy, many props complete the massage. It depends on the therapist’s expertise to choose the perfect combination and tailor it to the client’s needs. Generally, they use inhalers, diffusers, aromatic spritzers, bathing salts, body oils, creams or lotions, facial steamers, hot and cold compresses, or clay masks for a massage session. Use them alone or in combinations.

Oils Used

In an aromatherapy massage, the therapist uses common oils offering various benefits. For example, black pepper stimulates blood circulation. Ginger oil tackles arthritis pain, basil oil enhances focus, and clove oil acts as a pain reliever. Get all the massage benefits in a massage centre near me to relieve pain, release stress, and improve well-being.


As you discover different massage therapists, ask about their area of focus, cost, and credentials. You can also book appointments online, ask a physician or family friends for reference, and enjoy the session. Consult your doctor before the massage session and discuss your health history.

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