Animal Crossing New Horizons players get their hands on one-bedroom apartment designs

The Animal Crossing New Horizons apartment is a place where players live. How to maximize the use of the house area?


The Animal Crossing New Horizons room started as a simple tent. As your room continues to upgrade, the number of rooms will gradually increase until the number of rooms becomes 6. A house extension fee is required for each additional room. The more rooms you unlock, the higher the cost. The sixth house is an extension costing 2,498,000 bells. Luckily, the cost of building extensions can be found at Nook Loans at Resident Services, which will generously lend you a loan without charging you interest. Don't take multiple loans by chance. To get a second loan, you have to find a Nook to repay the first loan. Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells are the most important currency in circulation for New Horizons games. Various shops on the island will support bells payment. Occasionally you will come across Cheap Animal Crossing Bells For Sale. For players, To buy Animal Crossing Bell for ACNH Items is a legal transaction.


Each player has his own house. After the room is added, everything in the room is blank, and you can design the floor and wallpaper styles at will. Then you can place and move furniture. Then you can adjust the lights, lockers, carpet lights, and finally, you can put a cup of hot cocoa on the table, flower decorations, and more. Now an Animal Crossing New Horizons fan has designed his interior floor plans using furniture items, DIY recipes, wallpaper, floors, flowers, guitars, and more. Animal Crossing New Horizons house size is fixed, and it is not easy to design all the items. You need to reasonably standardize the size and placement of each item. Now an Animal Crossing New Horizons fan has challenged the impossible.


A Reddit player named MistyCove-Isle designed a floor plan for a one-bedroom apartment. The floor plan includes almost all areas of living. The floor plan features a bedroom, bathroom, laundry, and a combined kitchenette and dining area. They even dedicated a small space in the apartment for some greenery. New Horizons fans have speculated that Misty Cove-Isle may be a professional designer. Because MistyCove-Isle has considered everything in the floor plan they created. Assuming that players are living in the apartment, there is no need to buy Nook Miles Tickets to fly to the mysterious island, because the facilities of this apartment can meet all the needs of the residents.


Animal Crossing New Horizons has gone through the 2.0 update, which brings more customization options and AC items. Such as kitchen DIY recipes, 2.0 villagers, 2.0 new items, more walls, and even more. Especially now, there will be no accidental flashbacks or loss of island items during the construction of the island. Almost every day now in the Animal Crossing community, community members share new fan-made content. The Animal Crossing item list is the same for every player. By arranging island items wisely, your island can be unique. The island shop will change the items on the shelf regularly, and you can buy your favorite decorations in the ACNH shop. has classified Nook Miles Tickets, cheap ACNH Bells, and ACNH Items. You can Animal Crossing Buy Items from the list in the shortest time. ACNH Items for Sale can help you create your creative work and show it to more players.

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