How to complete FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Marco Reus SBC

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has welcomed a brand new Team 4 team. Shapeshifters will be a long-running promotion in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Several superstars have been featured during the event, with the likes of Marcus Rashford, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo all taking part so far.

Leaks about some of the players in Team 4 including Matthijs de Ligt, N'Golo Kante and the hero card - Abedi Pele, players hope they will be lucky enough to pack their bags throughout the season. What is the important information about the Shapeshifters Marco Reus card? How do I complete the Shapeshifters Marco Reus card? What is the cheapest solution? That's what players care about the most.

Focusing on the Marco Reus SBC card, EA has asked players to complete a total of three squads to earn Shapeshifters Marco Reus. Important FUT 22 Coins are essential, players have been fighting for a long time, but for some casual players, it will still be very difficult.

Shapeshifter Marco Reus SBC Card


    Number of Players from Germany: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 84
    Team Chemistry: Min 80

Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack


    Number of Players from the Bundesliga: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 86
    Team Chemistry: Min 65

Reward: Small Rare Gold Players Pack

87-Rated Squad

    Squad Rating: Min 87
    Team Chemistry: Min 55

Reward: Prime Gold Players Pack

Really good value for just three squads. But what is the cheapest way to complete these? Well – we’ve got you covered.

The following is the cheapest solution summed up by some netizens. If you have a better method, please leave a message and tell us.


    Xbox: 44.2k
    PlayStation: 42k
    PC: 47.75k


    Xbox: 111.9k
    PlayStation: 105.9k
    PC: 125.7k

87-Rated Squad

    Xbox: 141.7k
    PlayStation: 140.3k
    PC: 166.7k

What suits you is the most important. If you want to form these three squads as soon as possible, it is not advisable to rely on the mechanics to make money, because it will consume a lot of your time and energy. To be more efficient, Buy FIFA 22 Coins from the reliable online store RPGStash is the smartest choice.

RPGStash will help players reduce waiting time, improve game efficiency, and enjoy the benefits of the best group. If you are still hesitating, you can try to buy a small amount of FUT Coins from first, feel its service and delivery speed, and you will be amazed by its warm service and safety factor.

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