Animal Crossing New Horizons' Heart Crystals reveals the ACNH bug.

Use Heart Crystals wisely to get more ACNH Items. What happens if you collect too many Heart Crystals?


Heart Crystals are a special currency for the wedding season. Can be obtained from Reese during wedding season and is generally used for anniversary photos. Heart Crystals are obtained through quests. Heart Crystals can be used towards purchasing Wedding themed decorations and furniture from Cyrus or given to villagers, who will have unique dialogue upon receiving them as gifts. Unlike Animal Crossing Bells, Heart Crystals have a usage cycle, while buy Animal Crossing Bells For Sale can be used throughout the game.


Animal Crossing New Horizons has a limited number of Heart Crystals available per day. This comes out to a total of 422 possible Heart Crystals earned each day, and you're going to need around 265 Heart Crystals if you plan to purchase at least one of each of the Wedding Day items. Like collecting Nook Miles for Nook Miles Like Tickets, use ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to travel to mysterious islands and get rare materials or wealth. To Buy AC tickets are very important for players who are addicted to island adventures.


How to Get Heart Crystals Fast - Animal Crossing New Horizons
1. Talk to Reese. Talk to Reese to start decorating the room. …
2. Decorate the Room. The quickest way to decorate the room to get the most Heart Crystals is to spam the room with 20 of any Wedding Season item.
3. Take Photos of Reese and Cyrus.
4. Get Heart Crystals.


The Heart Crystals collection campaign starts on June 1st and ends on the 30th. Once the wedding season ends, players' unused Heart Crystals will be deposited with event-related items. This raises another question. Unspent Heart Crystals are stored along with various other non-seasonal event-related items, revealing areas where ACNH is underutilizing its content. Islanders receive Heart Crystals during the wedding season.


Second point. The usefulness of the Heart Crystal has been limited. Animal Crossing's alpaca couple, Reese and Cyrus, feature them as rewards in New Horizons, rewarding players for coordinating and taking photos for their anniversary. These Heart Crystals redemption items are limited. third. Outside of June, Heart Crystals are not redeemable, so they do nothing functionally other than take up the player's inventory or storage slot.


Although there are three DIY recipes associated with the wedding season, heart crystals don't even serve as an ingredient in any DIY recipes. Although some romantic DIYs only add reason to save the heart crystal. While creative players can find ways to incorporate anything from ACNH into a unique island design or room layout, DIYs that require moving items tend to have a decidedly festive vibe in their designs. After the ACNH 2.0 update, New Horizons has 9000+ Buy ACNH Items to choose from. Ideals turn into great works, all you need is a reasonable island design diagram ahead of time.

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