How to find a girlfriend in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a casual game where you can make friendships, so how do you show love?

First of all, Nintendo allows players to connect. Animal Crossing New Horizons Island has other important NPC characters besides yourself. The number of NPC villagers is also a way to show the strength of the player. As the number of invited villagers continues to increase, the functions on the New Horizons island can continue to be unlocked. For example, the island invites 6 villagers to meet the singer KK Slider, go to The Roost for coffee, take a boat on the Mystery Tour, and more. If you want to drink villagers to get closer, the coolest way is to do all kinds of things for the villagers, such as collecting all cooking DIY recipes, collecting rare furniture, Buy ACNH Bells, inviting the most popular villagers, hybridizing flowers, etc.
Animal Crossing New Horizons' best friendship image

Animal Crossing New Horizons can make connections, but not love. NPC conversations on New Horizons islands are fixed and players cannot control their conversations. This means even communicating with NPCs every day. It can shorten the connection with the villagers, which will make the villagers live longer on the player's island and will not move away from the island at will. But there is no way to build a deeper love. According to this interactive model, Nintendo prohibits players from dating in the game. Players and players, players and villagers cannot fall in love. This means that a best friend is the highest level relationship a player can share with a villager. To make relationships between villagers even cooler, ACNH Buy Items from the full-service is just one part of island upgrades and island planning layouts. ACNH Shop, Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, and Nook Shopping can all help you get the items you want in the shortest time possible.
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