Use a USB heating device to heat the Sex Doll

Users will have many choices when buying Sex Doll. In addition to customizing the body and appearance of the Love Doll, we can also choose materials and functions. Material Choose silicone or TPE material according to your budget.

At present, there are Sex Dolls on the market that have a sound system and a heating function, especially in winter. If there is no heating device, you may need to wrap the Realistic Sex Doll with an electric blanket to heat her, but if you have a heating device, then in winter you can also enjoy time with Love Doll well.

When you choose a Sex Doll with heating, you must learn to use the heating device. So, do you know how this heater works?

1. Connect the heating device to the USB socket.

2. Lubrication Inject a lubricant such as jelly or lotion into the pores or vagina of the product.

3. Insert the heating device into the small hole or vagina of the product and keep it warm for about 5 minutes. (Temperature can be adjusted according to insertion time)

Please note that the temperature should be chosen according to the material of the Sex Doll, if you heat it too much, your Love Doll may melt. Safe use of electricity is also very important, so remove it from the outlet immediately after use.

Product quality is the most important because it is not only designed for your health problems but also related to electrical safety issues. Unqualified products will bring you endless troubles, so please choose regular merchants such as Lovedollshops to buy sex toys.

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