Rodent problem in San Francisco Bay Area. How to act?

Rodent problem in San Francisco Bay Area. How to act against this plague?

The presence of rats is considered socially unacceptable, since these small rodents are associated with many infectious diseases, and in the past there was a major pandemic problem due to the presence of these animals.

Currently, attempts are being made to reduce the presence of rats as much as possible. Although the news has been given that there has been an outbreak of black rats in San Francisco Bay Area, specifically in the vicinity of the San Francisco.

Rodent problem in San Francisco Bay Area: The San Francisco Bay Area Health technicians acted quickly to provide solutions due to the incessant complaint of numerous neighbors. Despite all these measures there are still several pockets of rats, so the problem has not yet been solved.

What is rodent infestation

Rodent plague is considered when the number of specimens exceeds the number of the tolerance threshold and begins to create damage to the health of human beings and their homes.

Therefore, the presence of these animals inside our homes in San Francisco Bay Area is a great danger to our health, since they transmit a large number of bacteria and viruses, such as Salmonella and Leptospirosis .

Rodent problem in San Francisco Bay Area: They also cause damage to stored products, causing them to become contaminated and quickly becoming unfit for human consumption. These rodents are also carriers of parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites, and can cause acute allergies.

How to spot a mouse infestation

There are different indications that we are facing a plague of rodents, therefore, if we are thinking of hiring rat extermination services, we must be clear about the magnitude of the problem. The signals are as follows:

* A clearer evidence is the presence of living or dead specimens in the facilities of houses or in the streets: these animals reproduce quickly, so it will not be long before they come out of their usual hiding places (the sewers).
* Bites are found in different materials: rodents have an instinct to bite those materials that are accessible to them, since they need to file their teeth. This will cause little by little damage to be found in the houses.
* Burrows are found around buildings: among bushes, sanitary chambers, inside bushes, and among other hiding places. This is a sign that there is a major pest problem.
* They give off an odor similar to ammonia: especially the one they leave under the cabinets or enclosed places where they usually take refuge. This makes them easy to find.
* They usually leave black spots wherever they go: this is due to the contact of their body with the materials. If we see these stains on the walls or doors it is evidence that we have a rat infestation.
* Their waste is very polluting: they are usually small, about the size of a rice. The problem is that these animals defecate in large quantities, for every 3 grams of food they eat, they make up to 80 remains of feces.
The nests are usually made with newspaper or cloth scraps: for this reason, it is not necessary to avoid having a group of old period or cloth, because they can easily use it as a place to make their nests.

Consequences of a plague of rats

There are numerous negative effects when there is a plague of rats involved, it is a way in which one animal species directly or indirectly invades another or others. The consequences of this plague are:

* Appearance of diseases such as tuberculosis or salmonellosis: in addition to Weil's disease, even the transmission of rabies. Not to mention the allergic reactions contracted by those who are in contact with them.
* In the case of being a company or a business, it can be financially sanctioned: since the presence of rats is considered totally unhealthy before the authorities.
* They can endanger the health of pets: they are carriers of parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites and bed bugs. These can cause diseases in pets and have serious health problems.
* They produce economic losses: since by constantly eating products stored in a place or a house, they can cause these foods to spoil, making the money invested a loss.
* They gnaw any material: their teeth do not stop growing, therefore, they have to constantly file them. This makes furniture in a room or building appear in poor condition. This is a problem altogether.

How to combat a rodent infestation problem in San Francisco Bay Area

There are different ways to eliminate and prevent the plague from lasting longer in the facilities of buildings, businesses or premises. To do this, you just have to take a series of prevention and cleaning measures. Among the actions to take into account to minimize the rat problem, are the following:

* Food must be left properly closed: if it is a place where packaged products are sold, what should be done is to place them in a place where access to them is completely null.
* The possible entrances they have in the different areas must be taken into account: surely there are small holes somewhere through which they are able to enter. You have to "look with a magnifying glass" every corner of the place.
* Garbage bags should not be left open: these are sources of attraction for rats. It should not be left outside the place from which you want to drive away this pest. It should always be deposited inside the garbage containers.
* Do not flush food waste down the toilet: it ends up in the sewer and ends up attracting more of these rodents to nearby areas. You should always avoid using the toilet for these purposes.
* Avoid water leaks: this point is necessary, since these types of animals are attracted to water ponds. Leaking basements are an ideal nesting site if left unfixed.

There are different ways to deal with a rodent infestation. If you see that you have a serious rodent control, what you can do is call a Rodent Control company, such as Alley Cat.
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