Remarks at 8th International Society of Substance Use Professionals Closing Ceremony

I would prefer to take an instant to echo the condolences from President Biden, vice chairman Harris, and Secretary Blinken on the passing of His Highness tribal sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahran.
His vision and powerful leadership are witnessed here these days through this unimaginable gathering of pros operating along to assist improve our international substance use crisis.
because the Secretary same yesterday: “We mourn his passing, honor his legacy, and stay committed to our steadfast friendly relationship and cooperation with the United Arab Emirates.”
This ISSUP Conference was an extended time within the making. Our hosts and partners have Professionals Closing Ceremony worked tirelessly, through the challenges of operating entirely through virtual MEans, for nearly 2 years to arrange this meeting and produce it to such a productive set of outcomes.
Let me begin by spoken communication that i'm honored to be here with such a large amount of dedicated people from everywhere the planet who are targeted on preventing and treating those with substance use disorders further as.
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