Elden Ring: The Dungeon You Didn't Know

The place to look for items and runes in the Elden Ring is the dungeons, but some are still hidden and hard to find. Players will not be able to find individual dungeons during the game although they explore some information on the floor. Some may be locked by the system and cannot be opened, others may be hidden behind walls, players need to trigger the door opening to find them, or they may not see the door.

 Elden Ring has many dungeons for players to choose from. There may be an NPC with a questline that takes the Tarnished into the dungeon, but the player will need to look for clues to get in. It is necessary for the player to enter the dungeon to explore, where the player can obtain forging stones, crafting materials or new items.

In most Elden Ring players will find a lot of dungeons by exploring and searching. There are often some dungeons that are not so easy to find. They may be in places you don't think possible, or behind some enemies. It's a bit difficult for the player to make it so they can't get farther.

There is a difficult but valuable dungeon called Highroad Cave in the Stormhill area of Limgrave. It is hidden in an easily overlooked cave, near the site of the Holy Bridge of Grace. Once the player enters this dark cave, he will lose his original direction. Here players can find Shamshir of Elden Ring and Blue Dancer Charm.

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