Cash App payment declined due to unusual activity

Using Cash App, users can receive and send money in a safe and secure way. Following the activation of the Cash App account, users are able to send and receive payments. Even though Cash App is one of the safest payment applications, there may be fraud or unusual activity on the app because of neglect on the part of its users. Whenever detects something unusual in the user's activity, it can result in a failed transaction or an unpaid cash app payment. Cash App may suspend the account, or close it, if there is something wrong with the user's activity. Cash app customers can seek assistance in such situations by contacting customer support. Customers who have established credit cards or bank accounts using their real names that have experienced such events can contact their banks or credit card issuers for assistance. They can also contact at cash app customer support.

Here are some of the circumstances when users may be asked to stop making payments on the app:
• If there is no activity within a 90 day period
• If there is a sudden increase in transactions during this period
• If money has not gone through an account in a year and they didn't notify Cash App when it happened
Other reasons why payments may be declined include whether the transaction is marked as "Pending" or other unusual activity.
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