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Today I am going to tell you my heart ki baat through non veg This is my first story on this website I did not want people to listen to my story. But what should I do, friends, I do not feel like posting my story. How can such a thing happen, I am thinking the same thing, when your husband hands over it to someone, then it feels even worse. Time is very powerful, what ever seems bad, it also seems good.

The same thing is happening with me, at first I used to feel bad because I never dreamed that I would have sex with anyone other than my husband. But time would make everything happen. There came a time when my husband would not take me out somewhere so that no man could see. Never even got me a sexy dress because I would look beautiful in it and other people would stare at me. But today my husband makes me have sex with his best friend in front of him. And he himself sits on the chair. I would be celebrating with him on the bed and he was silently gazing at both of us.

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How did you ever feel on two paragraphs, friends, tell yourself, but I am not complaining today, today I want to write openly, I want to tell you, it is also very good, I am happy that my life is becoming more than before. There is no use in becoming Sati Savitri, you are enjoying a lot and should also have fun, life is very short and it is very important to live life well.

I am 28 years old, I live in Mumbai, so I live in Lucknow, my husband works in a software company in Noida, I have also studied MBA, but I stay at home, I have an online business and handle it. After 4 years of marriage, when I could not become a mother, there was a lot of pressure from the family members that do not spend much time, get pregnant as soon as possible. But it was not possible friends, the reason for this was this. That my husband is not able to have sex with me, he falls early. As soon as his cock stands, the semen immediately falls down. Till date, he has never hit hard when he shakes and puts his cock on the mouth of the pussy, the same dies.

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I also get angry but what should I do, I have shown the doctor, got the quack done, even went to the big doctor’s place, even went to the small doctor’s place, got the indigenous treatment done, but the cock could not stand it. To be honest, my life was deserted, friends, I wanted to become a mother as soon as possible, but when no one will fuck, then how will I become a mother. Because of this, there was always discord in my house.

It is a matter of one day that I myself told my husband. What would you do? How will the child be born, the family members are saying. People started doing different things. I can’t hear so many taunts. Either you give me the child or you talk to me, I want to go back to my home. I will get married again. Hearing this, my husband was stunned because when he could not kiss me, he would be in the same condition with others. I told him what to do in a hurry, otherwise I don’t have time either.

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