How to choose different types of sex dolls

As technology improves, sex dolls can provide realistic and pleasurable sexual experiences that both men and women love because they are pretty, sexy, and cute enough. In short, there is a look you like.

 LovedollShops is an established manufacturer of professional high-end sex dolls. They design sex dolls with realistic skeletons in an artistic style. LovedollShops will introduce you to four types of Sex Dolls: Cheap Sex Dolls, Fitness Sex Dolls, Premium Sex Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls.

Realistic Sex Doll
A realistic Sex Doll is a woman born for love who will delight you time and time again. Smooth skin and flexibility make for the most exciting things you can imagine. She is a high-quality sex doll. You will see how she has great definition and sexy curves. You can find her on LovedollShops.

Fitness Sex Doll

Fitness sex doll, no man can refuse her sexual positions, hoping malicious customers will take advantage of her. You can choose a full-size Sex Doll or a half size Sex Doll. Feel free to request more customization at LovedollShops if you want.

Busty Sex Doll
The busty sex doll is made of flexible metal and she can do all the poses like a human. In other words, many men are looking for the perfect partner because women are more dominant than men. The sex doll has amazing eyes, fantastic G cup breasts and a very sexy waist, almost like a real woman. Her big, round, bouncy ass makes her the ideal woman. Her tongue makes your sexual experience more interesting.

TPE Sex Doll

TPE Sex Doll's body is unique, it has multiple ways to please you, and is always willing to please you again and again. If you like what you see and enjoy everything she has to offer, you will be happy because you have met the woman of your dreams. She's a sex doll that can be skinny and juicy, but she looks so realistic that you won't know the difference. She can wrap her thighs around you and her body will undulate with the slightest movement.

If you want to know more types of Sex Doll, please go to to check, different categories will open up your cognition, no matter what type of bbw sex doll you need, it can be realized here, you can ask for customization at any time Love Doll for more functionality.

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