Educator on mock drunk driving crash for high schoolers: 'The core message of this program is saving lives'

"Let’s create a difference. we have a tendency to lose too several youngsters thanks to drugs, alcohol, and cellphones whereas driving." the aim of the demonstration was to indicate young people the injury that drunk and impaired driving will cause and to bring attention to the fact that impaired driving can destroy lives, per Kobus kob four.
Faculty and town officers hope the demonstration showed students the tragic reality that may occur as a consequence of impaired driving, Kobus kob 4 said.
The show used actors, fake blood, fake glass, and real vehicles and sirens. "The core message of this program is saving lives," Diane Taylor, Chaves County bar specialist, told Kobus kob 4.
The demonstration is placed on annually by the non-profit-making organization each fifteen Minutes. The group' mission is to unfold awareness that impaired driving causes an automobile-related death every 15 minutes, according to its website.
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