How Does a Merchant Account Work?

You require financial planning and strategies to set up and run a business. You should know the different payment methods customers use, the products they utilise the most, and how to attract them. Digitalisation has impacted all processes worldwide and changed the way we perform activities. In this cashless economy, card payments are the king.

The Merchant Account allows your business to accept Debit and Credit Card payments from customers. It provides your business with the funds, minus fees, from the card transactions you accept before your customers pay off their issuers.


By themselves, Merchant Accounts do not include other technology or services associated with processing, like card readers, payment gateways, or other software to accept card payments. They are only the banking services allowing immediate access to transaction proceeds. They prevent you from waiting for the Credit Card proceeds for transactions caused by the delay between the goods and bill payments.

Opening It

If you are wondering how to receive payment electronically, start by looking at different providers with varying features, pricing structures, and application processes. Choose one ideal for your business by considering the modes of accepting payments, point of sale software and hardware, payment gateways, budget, and other criteria.


Firstly, merchant service providers need to fortify themselves against the risk they take by fronting your business your revenues, so they charge you fees. In addition, you also pay wholesale fees that processors, networks, and issuers charge for their part in the interchange process. Depending on your account provider, you might need to pay for additional tools, hardware, software, and basic setup and maintenance.


Historically, merchant service providers were known for long-term contracts, hidden fees, cancellation fees, and less-than-ideal terms for businesses. Keep a watch out for any of these things before signing an agreement. After reviewing and signing your agreement, work with your provider to set up your account and get any software or hardware to start accepting payments. Understand how a Merchant Account works and its role in card payments.

Things to Remember

Ultimately, you decide to work with a merchant or a payment service provider. Compare and select which Credit Card processing company, in particular, best suits your needs. Ask each provider about the requirements and pricing quotes. Thoroughly review the quotes offered before applying to work with them.


Luckily, many digital payment solutions are available today that are transparent about their fees, terms, and contracts. Therefore, it is easier for small businesses and start-ups to access the required tools online.

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